AFI Shut Your Mouth Vinyl LP 1997 Nitro  Green 500, Yellow 500
AFI A Fire Inside Vinyl 7" 2003 Limited Edition Yellow
AFI Sing the Sorrow Vinyl 2/LP 2003 Limited Edition Red 10000
AFI Crash Vinyl LP 2009 180 Gram Import
Against Me! Against Me S/T Vinyl LP 12" 355, Crasshole 2000 Black 500
Against Me! Crime As Forgiven By Vinyl 7" 2001 Sabot Black, Clear 2nd Press Pink 300
Against Me! The Acoustic E.P. Vinyl 7" Sabot 12 COLORS CLEAR 267, BLACK 222 Pressed        
Against Me! As the Cavalier Eternal Vinyl 7" 1st Press Blue 327, Various Pressings Sets
Against Me! Cavalier Eternal Vinyl 12" Magenta 275, White 280 Poster
Against Me! Sink Florida Sink Vinyl 7" 2005 1-4 Press Multiple Color and # Pressings
Against Me! New Wave Vinyl 180g  + 7" Sire  1st, 2nd Press
Against Me! Is Reinventing Ax iRose Vinyl  LP 2002 1st Press Blue 440, Red 660,
Against Me! Is it Over Yet Vinyl 7" 2007 Tour Exclusive
Against Me! White People For Peace Vinyl LP 2007 Sire Black 1020 Tour Edition
Against Me! Stop Vinyl 7" Sire Black 5000 Yellow 500
Alexisonfire Crisis Vinyl 12" LP Red
Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire Vinyl  LP 1999 1ST PRESS ORANGE, BLACK 1000
Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire Vinyl LP 2006 2nd Press White Red 500, Black 180 gram
Alkaline Trio I Lied My Face Off Vinyl e.p. 1999 AMR RARE
Alkaline Trio From Here to Infirmary Vinyl LP Vagrant 2001 OOP
Alkaline Trio Halloween Vinyl 7" 2002 #3000 Numbered on Back Cover Dist Show
Alkaline Trio Hot Water Music Picture Disc 12" Vinyl Split 2009 OOP
Alkaline Trio Crimson Vinyl 2005 LP Vagrant RED UK LIMITED EDITION, 180 Gram
Alkaline Trio Remains Vinyl 2/LP 22 Tracks Collectors Edition Cobraside 2007
Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio Vinyl LP Light Black Exclusive, Orange, Blue 500 pressed each
Alkaline Trio This Addiction Vinyl LP 2010 US Black Green 1000 Red 500 UK White 500 Black 500
All American Rejects All American Rejects Vinyl LP 2002 Doghouse RED 700 BLUE 200 CLEAR 100
All American Rejects All American Rejects Vinyl LP 2002 Doghouse Green 500, Orange Limited Edition
All American Rejects The Last Song Vinyl 7" 2003 SKG Music Green Limited
All American Rejects Swing Swing Vinyl 7" 2003 Orange Limited
All American Rejects Move Along Vinyl LP 2005 180 Gram Aqua Green Gray Marble
All American Rejects Move Along Vinyl LP 2005 Black White 1000,Red Black 200 Bonus 7"  
All American Rejects When The World Comes Down Blue Vinyl LP 12" Charity Water Edition Individually #10
AM Taxi AM Taxi S/T Vinyl 12" LP 2010 P-O
Angels & Airwaves The Adventure Vinyl 7" Picture Disc 2006
Angels & Airwaves It Hurts Vinyl 7" Picture Disc Geffen 2006
Angels & Airwaves Everything's Magic Vinyl 7" 2008
Angels & Airwaves Young London 7" Picture Disc Exclusive
Angels & Airwaves Love LP Part 1 2/LP Part 2 2/LP 180 Gram
Anthony Green Avalon Vinyl 2008 Photo Finish 1000
Anti Flag The New Kind of Army Vinyl LP1999 Go Kart Original Press
Anti Flag Die For the Government Vinyl LP 1996 Red, White, Blue. Picture Disc
Anti Flag Underground Network Vinyl LP 2001 FWR GREY +220 Gold
Anti Flag People Or The Gun Vinyl LP 2009 Yellow 200
Atreyu The Curse Vinyl LP 2004 Clear Gold
Atreyu Lead Sails Paper Anchor Vinyl 2007 Roadrunner Black180 Gram
Atreyu Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses Vinyl 2002 LP Victory Blue 750 Grey 750 Pink 300
Ayreon 01011001 Vinyl 3/LP 2008 Inside Out
Avenged Sevenfold Unholy Confessions Vinyl 12" Picture Disc Record Store Day Limited Edition
Bad Religion 7" S/T 1981 Epitaph Bands First Release
Bad Religion All Our Yesterdays Vinyl 12" 1983 UK MEGA RARE
Bad Religion Into the Unknown Vinyl 12" LP 1983 MEGA RARE
Bad Religion Back to the Known Vinyl Epitaph 1984 e.p. Black
Bad Religion No Control Vinyl Epitaph Black, Aqua 300
Bad Religion Suffer Vinyl Epitaph/Ada Original Press 1988, Repress Black 1700, Orange 300
Bad Religion Against the Grain Vinyl 1990 Original Press, Yellow 500 Purple Marble 660
Bad Religion Atomic Garden 7" 1991 Sympathy Etched
Bad Religion Generator Vinyl Epitaph 1992 LP Original Press
Bad Religion American Jesus 7" Vinyl 1993 Polypterus Westbeach
Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse Vinyl LP 1993 UK Press, RED 300
Bad Religion The Gray Race Vinyl 1995 Gray
Bad Religion Process of Belief Vinyl LP Epitaph
Bad Religion The Empire Strikes First Vinyl EU Press
Bad Religion 21st Century Digital Boy Vinyl 10" Picture Disc LIMITED
Bad Religion Surfer Vinyl 7" Blue 508 Pressed 2001
Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction Vinyl Epitaph Clear 500 Red
Bad Religion Vinyl 7" S/T Reissue Black, White, Red, Grey Marble, Grey Pink EU, Red EU, Multi  
Bad Religion Vinyl How Could Hell Be Any Worse Vinyl 2009 RED LIMITED 300
Bad Religion The Dissent Of Man Vinyl LP 12" 2010 Blue 2000, Orange 1000
Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Box Set Vinyl 12" LPs 15/LPs RED LIMITED EDITION 4000 2010
Bafabegiya Reno Vinyl 7"  2004 Spacement Yellow #/500
.baxter. Lost Voices 7" Static Station (Rise Against)
Bayside The Walking Wounded Vinyl Aqua/Red Clear
Beastie Boys Ill Communication Vinyl 2/LP 1994 US Press Green
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty Vinyl 2/LP 1998 US, EU Press Black, Yellow
Big Drill Car Album Type Thing Vinyl 1989 Cruz
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown Vinyl 7" SST Original Press 1978 Black 2nd Press Red
Black Flag Damaged Vinyl 1981 SST Original Press
Black Flag The Process of Wedding Out Vinyl 1985 SST Original Press
Blink 182 Short bus 7" Split 1993 Paper Insert Note, Paper Insert Press
Blink 182 Cheshire Cat Vinyl LP 12" 1995 Red Eyes, Blue Yellow Green Swirl 2000 2010
Blink 182 Buddha Vinyl 12" LP 1995 1998 Kung Fu 1st Press, Orange 300, Picture Disc, Splatter 500, Blue Green 500
Blink 182 They Came To Conquer Uranus Vinyl 7" 1995 Blue Etched #300
Blink 182 They Came To Conquer Uranus Vinyl 7" 1995, 2009 Black, Blue, 2nd Press Aqua Green, Green, Gold, Yellow, Coke, Grey
Blink 182 They Came To Conquer Uranus Vinyl 7" 2010 Clear Pink, Pink, Rose, Red, Lavender, Purple, Grape, Blue/Purple
Blink 182 They Came to Conquer Uranus Vinyl 7" 1995 Various, Marble, Mispress
Blink 182 They Came to Conquer Uranus Vinyl 7" 1995 Black (Lemmings on vinyl) Mispress
Blink 182 Lemmings Vinyl 7" 1996 Yellow 300, Black 500 Test Press
Blink 182 Whats My Age Again Vinyl 7"1999-2000 Picture Disc EU IMPORT Promo Mega Rare
Blink 182 Whats My Age Again Vinyl 12"1999-2000 ORANGE Record Cover EU IMPORT  
Blink 182 All The Small Things Vinyl 7" 1999 Picture Disc
Blink 182 All The Small Things Vinyl 12" LP 2000 EU 3 Tracks IMPORT  
Blink 182 Dude Ranch Vinyl 1997 Black, 2nd Press Black
Blink 182 Dude Ranch 180 Gram Orange, Brown, Orange/Brown Limited 500 Orange Test Press
Blink 182 Dude Ranch Blue, Clear Green Vinyl 12" LP 2010 Dude Ranch Poster 100
Blink 182 Dancing With Myself Vinyl 12" Promo Import
Blink 182 (Enema of the State Sessions ) Vinyl 7" Whats My Age Again Picture Disc
Blink 182 Enema of the State Vinyl 12" LP Black 180 Gram, BLACK, RED, CLEAR, BLUE LIMITED 500 White 2000 EX
Blink 182 Enema of the State Vinyl 12" LP Yellow/Green White/Red White/Blue Green Yellow Gold White LIMITED 500
Blink 182 Enema of the State Vinyl 12" LP Orange 182 Individually Numbered, Blue 182 Individually Numbered
Blink 182 Shit Piss Vinyl 12" LP Promo Import
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Vinyl LP 12" 2001  EU, Japan
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Vinyl LP 12" 2010 Multi Red Yellow Green Tri-Color 3rd Press Black 180 Gram
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket 7" Vinyl Green, Red, Yellow 1000
Blink 182 Man Overboard Vinyl 7" 2000, Picture Disc Import
Blink 182 First Date Vinyl 7" Picture Disc 2001   
Blink 182 Feeling This Vinyl 7 Violence USA 2003
Blink 182 Down Vinyl 7" Picture Disc UK 2003
Blink 182 Always Vinyl 7" Picture Disc UK 2003
Blink 182 Not Now Vinyl 7" 2005 Part 1 Black Cover, Part 2 Orange Cover
Blink 182 Untitled Vinyl 12" 2/LP 2010 Black 180 Gram 500 Pink White Swirl, Pink/Green, Pink Green Swirl 500
Blink 182 Untitled Vinyl 12" 2/LP 2010 EX Pink 182 100 Pressed
Blink 182 Mark Tom & Travis Show Vinyl 2/LP Blue Green Limited Edition 2000, Rainbow Splatter
Blink 182 Neighborhoods 12"2/ LP Vinyl Pink 2011
Blink 182 Greatest Hits 2/LP Clear Splatter
Blood on the Saddle Blood on the Saddle Vinyl LP 1984 Alliance
Bouncing Souls Ugly Bill Vinyl E.P. Green Black
Bouncing Souls Weston 7" Split 1994 Glue Christmas RED
Bouncing Souls Bouncing Souls Vinyl 1997 LP Epitaph OOP
Bouncing Souls Hopeless Romantic Vinyl LP 1999 OOP Orange 500 Limited Edition
Bouncing Souls Anchors Aweigh Vinyl LP 2003 Epitaph OOP Test Press
Bouncing Souls Anti Flag Split Vinyl 5 Various Colors 1000  PRESSED
Bouncing Souls Gold Record Vinyl 2006 LP Picture Disc
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Series: Volume One Vinyl 7" Maroon Black, Clear Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Series: Volume Two Vinyl 7" Blue Black, Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Series: Volume Three Vinyl 7" Green Black, Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Series: Volume Four Vinyl 7" White Black, Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Box Set Vinyl 7" Individually Numbered #200 Colored Vinyl
Bouncing Souls Jersey Picture Disc Vinyl 7" Record Store Day Limited Edition Individually #500+
Bouncing Souls Ghosts On The Boardwalk Vinyl LP 2010 Tan, 2nd Blue, 3rd Coffee Brown 500
Bouncing Souls Hot Water Music Split 7" 2010 Black & Grey/Silver, Red Splatter 500 Tour Foil Stamp
Bouncing Souls Complete Control Session Vinyl 10" Limited Yellow 300, Yellow Black Splatter 300, Black Splatter 300, Black
Bouncing Souls Live At Generation Records Vinyl 12" LP RSD 2011 Black 1500 RED 300
Bouncing Souls Comet 12" Vinyl LP 180 Gram Colored Limited 2012
Box Car Racer I Feel So Vinyl 7" 2002 Import
Box Car Racer Box Care Racer S/T Vinyl 12" LP 2010 Red Black Marble Limited Exclusive
Brand New Your Favorite Weapon Vinyl LP 2002 Iodine White Black 1000 Blue 500 White 100
Brand New The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Vinyl 7" 2nd Press Green 500
Brand New Holiday Vinyl 7" 2003
Brand New Deja Entendu Vinyl 2/LP 2005 Triple Crown Black 1000 (UPC) 1st Press 2nd Press 1000
Brand New Sic Transit Gloria Vinyl 7" 2004 Score Point 500 Pink Limited UK Press
Brand New Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me Vinyl 2/LP White 1500 Limited Edition
Brand New Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me Vinyl 2/LP Orange Swirl 1000 Black Blue 500 Black 200 Limited Edition
Brand New Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me Vinyl 2/LP Red Black 800 Purple 500 Blue White 500 Orange White Limited
Brand New Jesus Vinyl LP 2007 Picture Disc  
Brand New Daisy Vinyl 12" LP 2009 180 Gram Black
Bright Eyes Day and Every Night Vinyl 1999 Saddle 1000
Bright Eyes Fever and Mirrors Vinyl 2000 Saddle Creek
Bright Eyes Motion Sickness Vinyl 7"2000 Blood of the Young Black/Green Poster  
Bight Eyes One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels Vinyl 10" Split Brown Purple 1000
Broadway Calls Riot Before Vinyl 7" Split
Broadway Calls Teenage Bottle Rocket Vinyl 7" 2008 Maroon/White Yellow/Black, Splatter
Broadway Calls Broadway Calls Vinyl 2008 Gold, Blue
Broadway Calls Be All You Cant Be Vinyl 7"2009  White Exclusive
Broadway Calls Good Views Bad Views Vinyl LP 2009 S1D Green Blue Marble #/100 BLUE
Burn Live at CBGB'S Vinyl 7" 1990 Live at CBGB'S 3 Tracks Black/Yellow 400
Burn Last Great Sea Vinyl 7" Revelation Blue
Chain of Strength The One Thing that Holds True Vinyl LP 2005
Circa Survive B Sides Vinyl 7" Clear #1000
Circa Survive Juturana Vinyl LP Picture Disc 2005 Equal Vision 1000 Pressed
Circa Survive On Letting Go Vinyl LP Picture Disc 2007 Equal Vision 1000 Pressed
City And Colour Sometimes 2/LP Vinyl 2011 RSD 500 Indivudally # 500
The Clash This is England Vinyl 7" 1985 UK JAPAN IMPORT
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 Vinyl 2/LP 2003 White/Orange, Black 400
Coheed and Cambria The Second Stage Turbine Blade Vinyl LP 12" 2002 Defiance Import 500
Coheed and Cambria No World For Tomorrow Vinyl 2/LP  2007 180 Gram
Coldplay Speed of Sound Vinyl 10" 2005 LIMITED EDITION CLEAR    
Comeback Kid Wake the Dead Vinyl Clear Green LIMITED  
Comeback Kid Turn It Around Vinyl 2003 Facedown/Give Me Strength COLORED 600
Comeback Kid Broadcasting Vinyl COLORED VERY LIMITED (-200 PRESSED)
Converge You Fail Me Vinyl 2004 Deathwish Clear White 895 Black 180 Gram EU Tour 500
Converge Axe to Fail Vinyl 2009 Deathwish Clear Blue 2000 Clear Brown EU 1000
The Cootees Lets Play House Vinyl 1997 Tooth & Nail Glow in the Dark
Danzig Danzig II: Vinyl 1990 Lucifuge Def 24281 Mega Rare
Dashboard Confession Shade of Poison Trees Vinyl Colored Limited
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit Vinyl 1981 Import Italy 1987 Virgin Australia Fold Out Cover White
Death Cab For Cutie We Have The Facts Vinyl LP Barsuk 2000
Death Cab For Cutie The Photo Album Vinyl LP 2001 Barsuk Records      
Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism Vinyl 2/LP 2003 180 Gram 2001 Limited Edition
Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes Vinyl LP 2004 Original Press Black Blue, 2nd Light Blue
Death Cab For Cutie Plans Vinyl 2/LP 180 Grams 2005 Barsuk OOP
Descendents I Dont Want To Get Bootlegged Vinyl 7" Enjoy Album Demos VERY RARE
Digger Powerbait Vinyl 1997 Hopeless Records
Dinosaur Radio Rucus Vinyl 7" Rabies Resolutions (Before band name change to Dinosaur Jr) Black
Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur Jr Vinyl 1985 Homestead & 2005 Baked Good RED
Dinosaur Jr Fuzzy Blast Vinyl 1989 Live 8 Tracks
Dinosaur Jr Your Living All Over Me Vinyl 1990 SST
Dinosaur Jr The Wagon Vinyl 7" 1990 Seaweed Songs GR 0097 GERMANY PRESS
Dinosaur Jr The Wagon Vinyl Blanco Negro UK Press
Dinosaur Jr Green Mind Vinyl  1st Press & Sire Repress 2006
Dinosaur Jr Bug Vinyl 1990 SST Original Press
Dinosaur Jr Bug Vinyl Orange Pink Purple Blue Limited Pressing
Dinosaur Jr Freak Scene Vinyl 7" SST Original Press
Dinosaur Jr Just Like Heaven Vinyl 7" SST Original Press
Dinosaur Jr Where You Been Vinyl 1995 Blanco Negro Clear
Dinosaur Jr Without a Sound Vinyl 1994 Blanco Negro, Sire Black
Dinosaur Jr Hand it Over Vinyl 1997 Reprise
Dinosaur Jr Your Living All Over Me Vinyl Baked Goods LIMITED 2000 PRESSE
Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur Vinyl Limited Bug, Green Mind, Where you Been 180 Gram
Dinosaur Jr Over It Vinyl 7" 2009 SABAM WHITE
District Dont Mess With The Hard Punx Vinyl 2004 Prison OOP
Disturbed Indestructible Vinyl 2/LP 180 gram
Doc Hopper Ask Your Mom Vinyl 1995 Ringing Ear
Doughboys Whatever Vinyl 1987 PLR VERY RARE
Doughboys Home Again Vinyl LP 12" 1989 Restless
Doughboys Happy Accidents Vinyl LP 12" 1992 Restless Purple
Dropkick Murphys The State Of Massachusetts Vinyl 7" Green Limited OOP
Dropkick Murphys Fire And Brimstone Vinyl 7" Cyclone Black 900 Red 100
Dropkick Murphys Live On St. Patricks Day Vinyl 2/LP 2002 Black 180 Gram
Dropkick Murphys Do Or Die Vinyl LP 2nd Press Grey 500 Blue Limited 660
Dropkick Murphys Live On Landowne Vinyl 2/LP 2010 Green Deluxe Edition 180 Gram + CD
Doves Last Broadcast Vinyl 2/LP 2002 Heavenly
Dustin Kensure 12" Vinyl Green 500 Red 500 Brown 500  
Early November Rooms to Cold Vinyl WHITE
Eddie Vedder Into The Wild Vinyl 12" Soundtrack LIMITED 1000 + 7"
Everclear Nervous & Weird Vinyl 7" 2 Tracks Clear/Red  
Everclear World Of Noise Vinyl LP 1993 Tim Kerr/Capitol Clear
Everclear Sparkle And Fade Vinyl LP 12" 1995 Capitol
Everclear So Much for the Afterglow Vinyl 1997 Capitol EU PRESS
Every Time I Die Box Set Vinyl 3/LP BLACK LIMITED 1000 PRESSED
The Exploited Lets Start A War Vinyl LP 1983 Red Rhino Pax
Face to Face No Authority Vinyl 7" 1992 D Strange Black 2 Alternate Covers
Face to Face Don't Turn Away Vinyl LP 1994 Black, 2009 Purple 319 Reissue
Face to Face Big Choice Vinyl LP 1995 Victory Blue RARE OOP Black Promo
Face to Face Laugh Now Laugh Later Vinyl LP Clear 300 Red 200 White 100 180 Gram
Face to Face Rise Against Split 7" 2011 500 White 1000 Red 1500 Yellow 2000 Clear 2 Tracks
Faction Yesterday Is Gone Vinyl 7" 1983 Import
The Falcon Trash Vinyl 10" 2008 Blue, Red 333
The Falcon Unicornology Vinyl Orange 2nd Press 500
Fall Of Troy Phantom On The Horizon Vinyl LP 2009 Clear Green Exclusive 1000
Fall Out Boy Take This to Your Grave Vinyl LP 12" 2002 Black Camo Green/Black Swirl 1000 Photos
Fall Out Boy Take this to Your Grave Vinyl LP 12" Blue 2500
Fall Out Boy/Autopilot Off Vinyl Split 7" 2004 FBR/Island WHITE  
Fall Out Boy Under the Cork Tree Vinyl LP 2005 PICTURE DISC GOLD LIMITED 500 PRESSED
Fall Out Boy Dance Dance Vinyl  7" 2006 PINK
Fall Out Boy Sugar Were Going Down Vinyl 7" 2006 COLORED TOUR EDITION
Felix We Got Issues Vinyl 7" New Hit (Bouncing Souls) VERY RARE
Filter Short Bus Vinyl 1995 Reprise VERY RARE
Flogging Molly Float Vinyl 2008 SOD LIMITED EDITION BLACK, GREEN
For The Living Broken From The Start Vinyl 7" Punk Uprisings Records  #/500
Foundation Foundation Vinyl LP 2002
Foundation Homecoming Vinyl 7" 500 Clear
Fugazi Repeater 7" Cerveceria Live Holland Import RED Vinyl VERY RARE
Fugazi Song #1 Vinyl 7" 1989 Sub Pop GREEN/YELLOW 1200 PRESSED ULTRA RARE
The Fumes Guardian of the Machine Vinyl 1996 Empty VERY RARE
Furniture The Wrong People Vinyl 1986 Survival Music UK IMPORT VERY RARE
Further Seems Forever Moon is Down Vinyl LP 1999 Black 1000 Mint Green 200 Black Gold 30-40
Further Seems Forever/Twothirthyeight Split Vinyl 7" Black, Red Individual # 100
Further Seems Forever How to Start a Fire Vinyl 4 COLORED LIMITED ORANGE #, WHITE, GOLD
Further Seems Forever Hide Nothing Vinyl LP BLACK 1500, Gold Matrix # 100 2nd Press Green 500
The Gaslight Anthem Sink or Swim Test Press Vinyl 12" Matrix
The Gaslight Anthem Sink or Swim Vinyl Gunner Sabot XOXO 1st Blue 500 EU, PURPLE, RED Splatter
The Gaslight Anthem Senor and the Queen Vinyl 7" Gunner 1st Black 500, Red 500 2nd Clear 1000, 3rd Gold 335
The Gaslight Anthem Senor and the Queen Vinyl 10" 1st Press Black, White 2nd White, Red
The Gaslight Anthem Sink or Swim Demos 7" Devildance 1st Blue/Gray 359, Orange 514, 2nd Green/Black
The Gaslight Anthem The 59 The Sound Vinyl LP Blue 1000, Black 1000 EU, White 500, Green 300 EU
The Gaslight Anthem The 59 Sound Test Press Vinyl 12"
The Gaslight Anthem The 59 Sound Vinyl 7" 1st Gold 500, 2nd Clear 1000
The Gaslight Anthem No Regrets, No Retreat Vinyl 7" 2008 LIVE EU Green, Red VERY RARE
The Gaslight Anthem American Slang Vinyl LP 12" Black/Green 500, White Green Splatter 500, Gray Splatter 500
The Gaslight Anthem American Slang Vinyl LP 12" 180 Gram Green IMPORT, POSTER 500
The Gaslight Anthem Tumblin Dice 7" Limited Edition White
The Gaslight Anthem '45 You Got Lucky 7" Vinyl Limited 2000 2012
The Get Up Kids Shorty 7" Vinyl Huey Proudhon
The Get Up Kids Colacesce Split Vinyl Second Nature Records VERY RARE
The Get Up Kids Anniversary Central Standard Time Split 7" Vinyl Blue RARE OOP
The Get Up Kids Red Letter Day Vinyl 10" Clear DHR
The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About Heroes & Villains/Vagrant 1999
The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About Vinyl 12" Black, Blue, Gold, Red 1st Pink, Purple 2nd Limited
The Get Up Kids Simple Science Vinyl 12" Black 180 Gram, Pink, Green, Blue 2000 Individually Numbered
The Get Up Kids Eudora Vinyl 2/LP 2001 Vagrant Records RARE OOP
The Get Up Kids Volcano I'm Still Excited Vinyl 7" Split 2004 Devil in the Woods #777
Ghoti Hook Banana Man Vinyl LP 12" 1996 Yellow OOP
Gorilla Biscuits 7" Revelation e.p. Very Rare
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today Vinyl 1989 LP Revelation Black, Purple
Go National Indyanna Vinyl 7" 1997 Rev Yellow OOP (K Seconds)
Good Riddance Remain in Memory The Final Show Vinyl 2/LP
Green Day Green Day Vinyl 7" Black EU Press
Green Day Slappy Vinyl 7" e.p. Blue Marble 1990 Laytonville
Green Day 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Vinyl LP 12" 1989 Lookout! Green Laytonville
Green Day 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Vinyl Reissue 2/LP 7" Reprise
Green Day Berkley Block Buster Vinyl 7" 1994       
Green Day Sweet Children Vinyl 7" 1st Press Black & 3rd Press Black Red
Green Day Kerplunk Vinyl LP 1990 Lookout! RARE
Green Day 1000 Hours Vinyl e.p. Black 7", Green 600 Laytonville
Green Day Dookie Vinyl LP 1993 Reprise Pink Yellow RARE
Green Day Dookie Vinyl LP Yellow Boot
Green Day Basket Case Vinyl 7" GREEN UK 10000 PRESSED
Green Day Insomniac Vinyl VERY RARE
Green Day Welcome to Paradise Vinyl 1994 Reprise GREEN 3 Tracks VERY RARE
Green Day International Superhits Vinyl Purple 2001 Reprise Records EU
Green Day Waiting Vinyl 7" PINK MARBLE
Green Day Shenanigans Vinyl LP BLUE Reprise
Green Day Minority Vinyl 7" 2000 Adeline
Green Day American Idiot Vinyl 7" 2004 Warner Picture Disc
Green Day Phenomenon DVD 2005 Angry Penguin EU Import
Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams Vinyl 7" 2005
Green Day Holiday Vinyl 7" 2005 Picture Disc 120 grams
Green Day Jesus of Suburbia Vinyl 10" 2005 Reprise Yellow LIMITED EDITION UK
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown Vinyl 10" 2009 Box Set Limited Edition USA 3000 EU 1000 CA 400 AU 300
Green Day Ultimate Collectors Vinyl 7” 2009 Box Set 21 - 7"s US 2500
Gym Class Heroes Vinyl 2007 Limited Edition 1500 Pressed
Hanover Saints The Last Stand Vinyl 7" 2003 Colored RARE
Helmet Born Annoying Vinyl 7" 1989 Amphetamine Reptile Records BLACK
Helmet Unsung Vinyl 7" 1991 Amphetamine Reptile Records WHITE, YELLOW
Helmet In The Meantime 7" Vinyl 1992 Amphetamine Green Purple Marble Gray RARE
Helmet Biscuits For Smut Vinyl 12" 1994 IMPORT
Helmet Born Annoying Vinyl 12" Amphetamine Reptile Records YELLOW
Helmet vs Cop Shot Cop  Vinyl 7" 1992 Mirco Green 2 Tracks LIMITED
Helmet Cop vs Cop Shoot Cop Vinyl 7" 1992 Micro Yellow 2 Tracks LIMITED
Helmet Meantime Vinyl 1992 Amphetamine Reptile
Helmet Cop vs Cop Shoot Cop Vinyl 7" 1997 Doghouse Blue Red 200 Pressed
Helmet Aftertaste Vinyl 1997 Epitaph 13 Tracks OOP
Heavens Patent Pending Vinyl BLACK 2007 Number Nine Sounds LIMITED 1000 PRESSED
Home Grown Thats Business Vinyl LP 1995 Aqua Green
Home Grown Kings of Pop Vinyl LP 2002 Drive Thur Clear 1000 White 100
Home Grown You Are Not Alone Vinyl 7" 2002 Import OOP
Hoobastank The Reason Vinyl 7" 2004 Island Rare OOP 2 Tracks
Hot Water Music Swivel Stick 7" 1995 Tuesday Split
Hot Water Music Forever And Counting Vinyl LP 1997 Doghouse Original Press Gold Yellow, Blue, Red 200
Hot Water Music No Division 7" 1997 2 Tracks No Addition No Multiplicaton Black Grey Labels
Hot Water Music No Division Vinyl LP 1999 Some Records Original Press Black
Hot Water Music Alachua Vinyl 7" 1999 NI Gray Marble 556
Hot Water Music Alkaline Trio Picture Disc 12" Vinyl Split 2009 OOP
Hot Water Music Till the Wheels Fall Off Vinyl 2/LP Tour LIMITED Press Various Variations
Hot Water Music Live In Chicago 7" RSD, #2, #3, #4 Red, Orange, Green 1000
Hot Water Music The Steel, The Fire, The Tread 7" Vinyl White 1000, Grey/Red 500, Sea Blue 300, Electric Blue 200
The Impossibles Anthology Vinyl LP 1999 Import 20 Tracks Test Press MEGA RARE
The Impossibles Return Vinyl LP 12" 2000 12" Test Press MEGA RARE
The Impossibles Recover Split Vinyl 7"
Isis Sgnl 05 Vinyl 12" 2002 Tortuga 1st Press Purple Marble 1100 Grey Marble 240 2nd
Isis Oceanic Vinyl 2/LP Green, Light Green 2002 Escape Artist 1st Press 300
Isis Shades Of The Swarm 12" LP Box Set Vinyl 12/12"s 180 Gram Robotic Empire 600 US/UK/EU
Janitor Joe Stinker 7" 1993 Amphetamine Reptile 2 Tracks RARE
Jawbreaker White & Blight Vinyl 7" 1989
Jawbreaker Jawbox 7" 1991 Split Selfless Clear
Jawbreaker Samiam 7" 1992 Split Black 4200 Red 300
Jawbreaker Unfun Vinyl Shredder Records VERY RARE
Jawbreaker 14 Hour Revenge Therapy Vinyl 1st Press Tupelo Records
Jawbreaker Dear You Vinyl 2/LP 1995 Blackball Blue Marble VERY RARE
Jawbreaker Busy Equalized Vinyl 7" RED 150 PRESSED
Jets to Brazil Orange Rhyming Dictionary Vinyl  1998 Jade Tree 2/LP Original Black, Gray Marble
Jets to Brazil Four Cornered Night Vinyl 2000 Jade Tree 2/LP White  
Jets to Brazil Perfecting Loneliness Vinyl 2002 Jade Tree 2/LP Trans Orange
Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails Vinyl
Jimmy Eat World Opener Vinyl 7" White Wooden Blue 2 Tracks
Jimmy Eat World Jebediah 7" - 3-7" Clear Split 2000
Jimmy Eat World Clarity Vinyl 1999 Big Wheel 2/LP Black Green Blue Purple/Grey
Jimmy Eat World Clarity Vinyl Tour Exclusive 2/LP 1000 Limited
Jimmy Eat World Last Christmas Vinyl 7" 2001 Better Looking Green 3000
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American Vinyl 2001 Grand Royal
Jimmy Eat World Futures Vinyl 2/LP 2004 Western Thread Black 180 Gram OOP
Jimmy Eat World Futures Vinyl 7" 2004 Western Thread Clear
Jimmy Eat World Pain Vinyl 7" 2004 Interscope Clear Green 2 Tracks
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American 3/LP Remastered Individually # 2000 Record Store Day 2011
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Vinyl 1st Press UK  
Joy Division Les Bains Douches Vol 2. Vinyl Pic Disc 2008 EU IMPORT LIMITED 300 Pressed
Joy Division Let the Movie Begin Vinyl 2/LP COLORED VINYL LIMITED 550
Joy Electric Work Man Ship Vinyl 7" Blue Marble
Jughead's Revenge Just Joined Vinyl 12" LP 1998 Nitro
Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite Vinyl Jade Tree 1998 VERY RARE Black, Clear Red & Opaque Red 300
Kid Dynamite 88 Fingers Louie Split Vinyl 10" 1999 Subsity Red, Black
Kid Dynamite Shorter Faster Louder Vinyl 2000 Jade Tree Black, Green 500
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems Vinyl 2009 Clay Street GOLD 700, BLACK 300 OOP
Kings of Leon Youth & Young Manhood Vinyl 2/LP 10" 2003 Hand Me Down 1st Press, 1st Release  
Kings of Leon Holy Roller Novocaine Vinyl 10" 2003 RED VERY RARE
Kings of Leon California Waiting Vinyl 10" 2004 Hand Me Down 2 Tracks CLEAR #
Kings of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak Vinyl LP 2004 White 300 Individually Numbered
Kings of Leon 4 Kicks Vinyl 2005
Kings of Leon What I Saw Vinyl 10" Blue Individually # on cover # 200
Kings of Leon Bucket Vinyl 10” 2004 5 Tracks Hand M e Down IMPORT
Kings of Leon The Bucket Vinyl 10" 2004 Tracks Hand Me Down IMPORT
Lagwagon Tragic Vision Angry Days 7" Vinyl 1992 Fat Yellow Cover VERY RARE OOP
Lagwagon Duh Vinyl 1992 2007 FWC Black Purple Limited Edition 524
Lagwagon Blaze Vinyl Blue 2005 FWC
Lagwagon Trashed Vinyl Purple, Pink/Maroon Very Rare FWC
Lagwagon Resolve Vinyl 2005 FWC Black, Green 220
Lagwagon I Think My Older Brother Vinyl  2008 FWC Black Red/Black Limited 548
Lawrence Arms Fat Club Vinyl 7" 2000 FWC LIMITED Light Purple 1500 Pressed
Lawrence Arms Apathy and Exhaustion Vinyl 2002
Lawrence Arms Cocktails and Dreamed Vinyl 2/LP LIMITED 500 PRESSED
Less Than Jake Pezcore Vinyl Picture Disc 2002 VERY RARE
Less Than Jake Settling Son Vinyl 7" Sarcastic Sugar Clear Green OOP
Less Than Jake Greased Vinyl No Idea PINK WHITE -100 Pressed
Less Than Jake In With the Out Crowd Vinyl 2006 Sire 500 Press
Less Than Jake GNV FLA LIME GREEN 7" 2008 Sleep It Off 2 Tracks Demo
Lifetime Tinnitus Vinyl 7" New Age 4 Tracks
Lifetime Background Vinyl LP 12" Black New Age 1993
Lifetime Hello Bastards Vinyl 1996 Jade Tree Black 1000, Purple 500, White 100, Green
Lifetime Boy's No Good Vinyl 7"1996 Jade Tree Black Clear Red Pink 500
Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers Vinyl LP 12" Jade Tree 1997 Black 400, Red Smoke 500, Grey Marble 100
Lifetime Lifetime S/T Vinyl LP 12" Black 850, RED, Red Swirl 250, Orange, Blue, Pink 500, White 600, Pink Grey 250
Link 80 17 Reasons Vinyl AMR 1997 2000 Pressed
Link 80 Killing Katie Vinyl AMR 1997
Lipmonger Hook, line and sinker 7"1996 Negative Progression GREEN
LIT A Place In The Sun Vinyl LP 1999 RCA/BMG EU Import
LIVE The Dolphin's Cry Vinyl 10" 1999 Radioactive US Promo The Dolphin's Cry Sun # 3000
mewithoutyou Its All Crazy Its All False Vinyl 2/LP Colored Vinyl Etched
mewithoutyou Brother, Sister Vinyl 2/LP 12"s 2007 White Red
mewithoutyou A-->B Life Vinyl LP A B Life 2004 1st Press Yellow 500, Mixed Colors Silkscreen #90
mewithoutyou Catch With Us the Foxes Vinyl LP 2009 Black 1000, Blue 500, 1st Press Pink 530 2nd Press
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Take A Break Vinyl GREEN 329
Millencolin For Monkeys Vinyl 1997 EU Press
Millencolin Machine 15 Vinyl 2008 Epitaph Black 180 EU Press
Minor Threat Minor Threat Vinyl Dischord BLACK with GREEN
Minor Threat In My Eyes Vinyl 7" 1981 Dischord Limp First Press RED with Yellow, 2nd BLACK/RED
Minor Threat Out of Step Vinyl 1981 Dischord EU
Mock Orange Nine & Sixes CD 1998
Mock Orange The Record Play Vinyl LP
Moneen The Red Tree Vinyl 2/LP 2007 Dine Alone White Pink Splatter #300
Moneen The World I Want To Leave Behind Vinyl 2/LP 2009 Clear Gold 400 Black/Gold Streaks 100
MU330 Chumps on Parade Vinyl LP 1997 OOP
MU330 Press Vinyl LP 1997 AMR OOP
MxPx 17 Vinyl 7" 1995 Tooth & Nail 1st Press Clear Black 2nd Orange
MxPx Teenage Politics Vinyl LP 1995 BLUE VERY RARE
MxPx Life in General Vinyl LP 1996 WHITE VERY RARE
MxPx Life in Bones Vinyl 7" Trans Red
MxPx On the Cover Vinyl 2/LP WHITE Tooth & Nail
MxPx The Renaissance Vinyl EP 2001  Clear/Red Splatter RARE
MxPx Live at the Show Vinyl Picture Disc Kung Fu RARE
MxPx On the Cover II Vinyl 2009
Mustard Plug Big Daddy Multitude Vinyl LP COLORED LIMITED Asbestos 2009   
My Chemical Romance Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us Vinyl 7" 2003
My Chemical Romance Helena Vinyl Picture Disc LIMITED OOP
My Chemical Romance I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me You Love Vinyl LP WHITE 100  RED 900 Clear
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Vinyl COLORED RED LIMITED 1000 PRESS
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Vinyl 2/LP Deluxe Box Set 180 gram
Nada Surf  Let Go Vinyl 2/LP CLEAR & CLEAR/BLUE 750 PRESSED
New Found Glory Nothing Gold Can Stay Vinyl S/T COLORED LIMITED GOLD YELLOW # 1000
New Found Glory Sticks and Stones Vinyl RED, BLUE LIMITED COLORED
New Found Glory Tip of the Iceberg ISHC Vinyl 7" 2008 Maroon Splatter
New Found Glory Listen to Your Friends Vinyl 7" Clear
New Found Glory Not Without A Fight Vinyl 2009 Green Orange 750 Grey Gray 200 Cream Red 500 Pink 100  
New Found Glory Dashboard Confessional Vinyl 7" Split PINK 2500
Nirvana Unplugged in New York Vinyl White 1st Pressing RARE Sub Pop/Geffen 1994
Nirvana From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah 2/LP RARE OOP 1996 Picture Disc
Nofx So What If Were Mystic 7" 1986 Mystic  Limited Black, Blue 700 Gold 300
Nofx Nofx 7" Green Vinyl Mystic 1988
Nofx Liza Louise Vinyl 7" 1992 FWR Pink Dark Pink
Nofx Split Jughead's Revenge Vinyl 7" 1991 OX Fanzine RARE OOP 600
Nofx Surfer 7" Vinyl 2001 FWC 14 Tracks Black Blue 508 OOP, Orange 2011
Nofx White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean Vinyl LP White, Yellow Limited Edition
Nofx Punk in Drublic Vinyl 1994 FWR LIMITED RED 300
Nofx Heavy Petting Zoo Vinyl 1995  LIMITED RED 300 Tan 500 Green Marble 660
Nofx Fuck The Kids Vinyl 7" Green 500 Fat 1996 Green/Yellow Smoke 2011
Nofx Ribbed Vinyl LP 12" Yellow, Clear Yellow, 500, Orange 300, Blue 650 Test Press (White Labels)
Nofx Louise Liza Vinyl 7" 1999 Purple, Purple/White
Nofx The Decline Vinyl 12" LP Clear 155 Black, Gold Yellow Black Streaks 2nd Press
Nofx The PMRC Can Suck on This Vinyl 7" Brown, Individually #500 1987
Nofx HOFX Vinyl 1995 Picture Disc Mega Rare
Nofx HOFX Vinyl Colored Yellow, Blue, Purple, Aqua Green, Pink, Orange Splatter 3800  
Nofx So Long And Thanks For The Shoes Vinyl 12" LP Pink 300 Green 500 LIMITED
Nofx The Longest Line Vinyl 12" LP 2001 PURPLE 200, WHITE 1082
Nofx 7" Record of the Month Vinyl 7" 2005 July Clear, 1-12 Original Press Set 3000
Nofx Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Vinyl 12" LP Yellow Orange Mix 1062 Fat 2006
Nofx Rancid Split Vinyl BYO III 2002 1st Press Orange 500 Orange & Green Sleeves Green 500
Nofx Maximum Rock N Roll Vinyl Mystic Black
Nofx Frisbee Coaster Vinyl 7" 2009 LIMITED 1500 Pressed # Stamp
Nofx Cokie The Clown Vinyl 7" 2009 Green 903, Yellow, Pee, Red/White Pink 103
Nofx My Orphan Year Vinyl 7" 2009 Brown 903 Blue 103
Nofx The Longest Line EP Vinyl 2/LP 12"s Limited Edition Black, Gold, Orange, Pink, Blue Green 347, 337
Nofx Spits Split 7" Vinyl 2010 White OOP
Nofx Nofx Hardcore 7" Splatter, 10", Black/White 12" Picture Disc 2011
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Vinyl 2007 Eyeball GREEN
Offspring S/T Vinyl12" LP 1995 Nitro Limited Edition Red Individual #2000
Offspring Ignition Vinyl 12" LP Blue Limited Edition Remastered 300
Offspring Smash Vinyl 1994 Limited Edition Remastered Red 400
Offspring Self Esteem Vinyl 7" Blue
One Man Army Shooting Blanks Vinyl 7" Chapter Eleven
Operation Ivy Energy Vinyl 1989 Lookout! 2 nd Press Berkeley (1st Press Laytonville)  
Operation Ivy Hectic Vinyl e.p. Lookout! Records
Panic at the Disco A Fever You Cant Sweat Out Vinyl 12" LP 1000 Pressed
Panic at the Disco Pretty Odd Vinyl Box Set Vinyl/CD/DVD Book Individually # 15000
The Panics Dont Fight It Get Us Home Vinyl 7" 2007 Passport Cruel Guards  
Paramore Riot! Vinyl Atlantic White 1500 , Blue 1500, Repress 2000
Paramore All We Know is Falling Vinyl 2009 FBR LIMITED GREEN AQUA 2500, Red
Paramore Brand New Eyes Vinyl 7' CD Box Set
Paramore Brand New Eyes Vinyl 2009 Limited 5000
Paramore Ignorance 7" 2009 Picture Disc Limited Edition
Paramore Brick By Brick 7" 2009 Picture Disc Limited Edition
Parasites Live Vinyl 7" 1994 Lookout Records V.M..Live Off the Alley VERY RARE
Pearl Jam Ten Vinyl LP 1991 Epic Z47857 Original Press
Pearl Jam Jeremy Vinyl 7" 1991 EU
Pear Jam Vitalogy Vinyl LP Epic 66900 Original Press
Pearl Jam No Code Vinyl LP 1996 Epic 1st Press
Pearl Jam Yield Vinyl LP 1998 Epic 1st Press
Pelican Australasia Vinyl Hydra 1st Press Black 800, Blue 600, Orange 290 2nd Green. Purple 1000
Pinhead Gunpowder West Side Highway Vinyl 7" Green Purple Blue/Gray Marble Red Recess
Plus 44 +44 When Your Heart Stops Beating Vinyl 7" Pink Blue Green U.S. Pink Red U.K.
Plus 44 +44 Vinyl 7" 2006 Interscope Cliff Diving 2 Tracks PINK, BLUE
Plus 44 + 44 When Your Heart Stops Beating Vinyl LP 2011 Blue White Swirl 2000
Quicksand Dine Alone 7" 1992 Polydor 2 Tracks
Quicksand Slip Vinyl 1993 Polydor Black White 1000
Quicksand Thorn In My Side Vinyl 7" 1995 IMPORT Stanford Prison Split RED LIMITED EDITION #5000
Quicksand Manic Compression Vinyl 1995 2/LP Black White
Quicksand Quicksand Vinyl 7" 2002 Rev 2nd Press CLEAR GOLD 3000 PRESSED
Quicksand Blue 7" 2011 RSD 6000
Quit Earlier Thoughts Vinyl 1990 Mango Head Music
Quit The South is Cookin Vinyl 12" 2001 Hazzard V/A Blue, White 200, Clear 150
Rancid Let's Go Vinyl 2/LP White 10"  Epitaph 1994
Rancid Indestructable 2/LP Red Hellcat/Epitaph
Rancid Radio Radio Radio Vinyl 7" White Epitaph 1993 FWC
Rancid Life Won't Wait Vinyl Epitaph 1994
Rancid Out Come the Wolves Vinyl 1995 1996 Black Epitaph White 500 Red 630
Rancid Time Bomb Vinyl 7" 1996
Radiohead Creep Vinyl Clear 7" Single 1993 Parlophone
Radiohead Before Computers Rare Vinyl 1999 Analogue BLUE IMPORT  
Radiohead Supercollider 12" Vinyl 2011 Record Store Day 2000 Press + King of Limbs Promo CD
Relient K The Vinyl Countdown 7" 2003 Mono vs Stereo Red,l Pink 1500 Limited Edition
Relient K Mmhmm Vinyl 2/LP 2005 Capitol Green Mint
The Rentals Friends With Pony 7" 1995 Maverick
The Riot Before Long the Light House Vinyl 7" 2007 Quote Unquote
The Riot Before Fists Buried In Pocket Vinyl 2008 BLUE 500
Rise Against The Unraveling 12" Vinyl LP 2001
Rise Against Anti Flag Split Vinyl 7" CLEAR 100 PRESSED
Rise Against Revolutions Per Minute Vinyl RED 200+ PRESSED
Rise Against Re-Education (Though Labor) White 7" Promo
Rise Against Appeal to Reason 12" Vinyl Clear Green Mint 2008 Interscope Limited Edition
Rise Against Rise Against 7" Vinyl Pink Swirl 1010 Limited Edition Black 4008
Rise Against Join The Ranks 7" Vinyl Picture Disc 1031 Record Store Day 2011
Rise Against Join The Ranks 7" Vinyl Red 514
Rollins Band Live on Request Video Vinyl 7" 1992 July 2 Tracks Blue
Uranium Savages Trust Us Vinyl 1979 Roy MEGA RARE
Saves the Day Cant Slow Down Vinyl  LP 1998 Equal Vision 1st Release Test Press
Saves the Day Cant Slow Down Vinyl LP VERY RARE Equal Vision Red 549 Pressed
Saves the Day Through Being Cool Vinyl LP Equal Vision 1999 White, Black
Saves the Day In Reverie Vinyl LP 2003 Vagrant  
Saves the Day Stay What You Are Vinyl LP 2002  
Saves the Day Anywhere With You Vinyl LP Trans ORANGE
Saves the Day Sound the Alarm Vinyl LP COLORED LIMITED RED 300, White/Red Swirl 75
Saves the Day Under the Boards Vinyl LP 12" Green Test Press, Green/Blue Clear Blue 50
Say Anything Hate Everyone Vinyl 7"
Say Anything Is A Real Boy Doghouse 2/LP COLORED 2006 LIMITED
Scared of Chaka Masonic Youth Vinyl LP 1996 Empty RARE OOP
Scared of Chaka How to Lose Vinyl 1998 702 Records  
Scared of Chaka Scared of Chaka Vinyl LP OOP
Screeching Weasel My Brain Hurts Vinyl 1991 Lookout Original First Press Black
Sefler 13 Hours of Everything Vinyl 7" 1995 (Saves the Day)
Sepultra Arise Vinyl 1991 Roadrunner Picture Disc IMPORT
Seventy Sevens 77s Vinyl 1987 Exit VERY RARE
Sex Pistols The Great Rock 'N Roll Swindle Vinyl 2/LP Record Store Day 180 Gram Limited Edition
Sick of It All Call to Arms Vinyl LP 1999 LP FWC
Sick of It All Yours Truly Vinyl  LP 2000 FWC
Sicko Sicko Vinyl 7" 1993 Empty Records 4 Tracks
Slick Shoes Slick Shoes Vinyl LP 7" 1997" VERY RARE
Slick Shoes Rusty Vinyl  LP 1997 Tooth & Nail Black, Blue VERY RARE
Shorebirds Vinyl 2008 7" Split
Sinkhole Space Freak Vinyl LP 1995 Ringing Ear
Sinkhole Core Sample Vinyl LP 1996 Ringing Ear
Smashing Pumpkins Gish Vinyl Caroline Recordings 1991
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream Vinyl LP Caroline 1997 PEACH, PURPLE
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie Vinyl 3/LP #LIMITED
Smashing Pumpkins Astral Planes Vinyl 7" Red Record Store Day Limited Edition 250
The Smiths This Charming Man Vinyl 1983 4 Tracks Rough Trade  
The Smiths Louder Than Bombs Vinyl 2/LP 1987 Sire Import
Snapcase Boy Sets Fire Vinyl 2/7" Split Equal Black, Green
Social Distortion 1945 Vinyl 7" 1982 13 Floor Records Yellow/Red
Social Distortion Prison Bound Vinyl LP 1988 Restless
Social Distortion Social Distortion Vinyl 12" LP 1990 Epic Original Press Black
Social Distortion Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell Vinyl 12" LP 1992 Epic Black
Social Distortion Vinyl 7" 1992 Tour Promo Cold Feelings 2 Tracks
Social Distortion Vinyl LP 2" 1996 Clear Mint Individually Hand Numbered
Social Distortion Love Sex And Rock And Roll Vinyl LP 2004 US Limited Color EU Reissue
Spitfires In Too Deep Again Vinyl LP 1999 Junk Records Clear
Spill Thriller Vinyl 7" Skankdog
Staring Back Many Will Play Vinyl 2000 RARE OOP
Streetlight Manifesto Somewhere in the Between Vinyl LIMITED COLORED 200+ Pressed
Stiff Little Fingers Go For It Vinyl LP 1981 Chrysalis Promo OOP
Strife One Truth Vinyl LP 12"1994
Strife My Fire Burns Vinyl Blue VERY RARE Subcity Black, Trans Gold
Strung Out Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues Vinyl 1996
Strung Out Twisted By Design Vinyl Blue Marble 222
Strung Out Agents Of The Underground Vinyl GreennOlive Streks 12" LP 323 Limited
Strung Out An American Paradox Vinyl 2002 Black Blue -210 Limited
Sugar Ray Floored Vinyl 1997 Atlantic OOP
Sugar Ray 14:59 Vinyl 1999 RARE OOP
Sugar Ray Sugar Ray Vinyl 2001 Atlantic Original Press RARE OOP
Sugar Ray Hold Your Eyes Vinyl 12" OOP
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler White 12" Vinyl LP LIMITED EDITION 300 PRESSED
The Swellers My Everest Vinyl 2009 Red 200, Various Colors 300 2nd Press Blue Vinyl Full Cover Test Press
The Swellers Welcome Back Riders Vinyl 7" 2009 Black 100, Pink Splatter, Haze, Pink Blue 300
The Swellers Ups and Downsizing Vinyl LP 12" Brown Dirt, Neon Green, Purple Grey
System of a Down Steal this Album Vinyl Picture Disc Limited Edition
Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends 12" lpl 2002 1st Clear 813, Blue 550 Green Orange, Pink Test Press
Taking Back Sunday Where You Want to Be Vinyl 2004 Trans Blue Trans Green White 210 Purple
Taking Back Sunday A Decade Under the Influence Vinyl 7" 2004 Blue Green
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Vinyl 2007 Eyeball Clear Blue 500 OOP
Them Crooked Vultures Vinyl 2009 2/LP 180 Gram IMPORT OOP
Thrice Identity Crisis Vinyl LP 12" 2010 White 200 Black 100
Thrice The Illusion Of Safety Vinyl 2002 Hopeless Gold
Thrice/Thursday Split Vinyl 7" 2003 2 Tracks Clear 1000  
Thrice All Thats Left Vinyl 7" 2003
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance Vinyl 2/LP 12"s 2003 Import UK US 1500 Pressed
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance 2/LP Vinyl Green 500 Pressed
Thrice Image Of The Invisible Vinyl 7" 2005 White
Thrice Vheissu Vinyl LP 12" 2006 Limited Edition 1000 Pressed Gold Plated Record Cover
Thrice Vheissu 2/LP Vinyl Brown 1000, 2/LP Peach 1000 2012
Thrice Alchemy Index I - IV Vinyl 10" 2009 Box Set 4 (5) 10" # 3000 LIMITED EDITION
Thrice Beggars Vinyl LP 2009 Limited Edition # 2000 US EU Autograph & Unsigned 8 Colors
Thrice Beggars Vinyl LP 2009 Limited Edition # 2000 Cream Marble Yellow Red Blue Green Purple Clear 100
Thrice The Good Night Is Still Everywhere Vinyl LP 12" Red 500 Green 500 Individually # Dustin Kensrue Christmas
Thursday War All the Time Vinyl Booklet 2003 Victory
Thursday Waiting Vinyl White 500, Clear 500
Thursday Full Collapse Vinyl LP 2001 Victory 1-4 Presses Individual # Green 1005, GRAY 405, PINK 210, Orange 1050
Thursday Envy Vinyl Split 180 Gram Vinyl  + CD 2008 Gold & Silver & Bronze 1000
Tone Dogs Ankety Low Day Vinyl 1990 C/Z Records GREEN Vinyl
Underdog Underdog Vinyl 7" New Beginning
The Used Taste of Ink Vinyl 7" OOP
The Used Lies for the Liars Vinyl 2007 WEA Pink 1st Press
Weezer Blue Album Vinyl LP 1994 DGC Time Bomb with Red Sticker, UK Geffen VERY RARE, Union, 2001 Japan
Weezer Undone the Sweater Song Vinyl 7" 1995 DGC BLUE # 1200  GES 19305 French Promo RARE
Weezer Buddy Holly 7" Vinyl 1995 Jukebox Jamie UK Black
Weezer Say It Aint So Vinyl 10" 3 Tracks Import 10000 Individual Sliver #
Weezer Pinkerton Vinyl 12" LP 1996 US DGC-25007 LIMITED 5000, Dutch Import, 2001 Japan Reissue
Weezer Green Album Vinyl LP Green Vinyl 2001 US 5000 PRESSED bLACK
Weezer Hash Pipe Vinyl 7" US UK 2001 LIMITED EDITION 2 TRACKS
Weezer Hash Pipe Remixes Vinyl 12" Interscope 2001
Weezer Island In the Sun Vinyl 7" 2001 LIMITED YELLOW 2 TRACKS
Weezer Maladroit Vinyl LP 2002 Geffen OOP
Weezer Keep Fishin' Vinyl 7" 2 Tracks
Weezer Make Believe Vinyl 2005 IMPORT EU RARE OOP
Weezer Beverly Hills Vinyl 7" Limited Edition Picture Disc 2006
Weezer Red Album Vinyl LP Limited Edition 2008 DGC 11135 2000 Limited Edition
Weezer Red Album Vinyl 180 Grams 2/LP Double 2/LPs Limited Edition
Weezer Raditude Vinyl 2009 + Bonus 7"
Weezer If You're Wondering If I Want You To Vinyl 7" 2009 Picture Disc
Weezer Hurley Green Vinyl LP 12" Limited Edition Green 1000  Import RED 500
Weezer Pinkerton 4/LP Vinyl Reissue 16 Unreleased Tracks
Weston Thursdaytown 1981 Vinyl 7" 4 Songs 1992 Mammy Records  
Weston A Perfectly Good Dishwasher 1995 BLUE 1st Press, GREEN 2nd Press Wolf
Weston Strychnine And The Rat Traps Vinyl Split 7" FOE 1st & 2nd Press
Weston Flower Feelings Stupid Feelings Vinyl 7" 1993 FOE Blue OOP
Weston True Life Story of Teenage Rebellion Vinyl LP 1994 OOP
Weston Got Beat Up Vinyl 1996 Go Kart RARE OOP  
Weston Wilkum To Pennsylvania Vinyl 7" Digger Split 1996 White
Weston Doc Hopper Stepchildren of Rock Split Vinyl 2/LP 1997 Go Kart
Weston Matinee Vinyl 1997 LP Go Kart
Weston Kiss You Like An Angel Vinyl 7" 1999 Mojo Demo Two Tracks
Weston This Is My Voice and This Is My Heart Live At Maxwells Vinyl 2/LP 180 Gram 400 Pink 100 Black
Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack Vinyl 2009 VERY RARE OOP
Whippersnapper fourtyseven Ronin Vinyl 7" 1997 Burn Me Split
Youth Brigade Possible Vinyl 7" 1981 Dischord 4 EP
Youth Brigade Sound and Fury Vinyl LP 1983 BYO GREEN
ZAO Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest Vinyl LP Black, Gold
V/A Dont Spit On Me Vol. 2 Vinyl 7" 1995 Boot To Head No Innocent Victim Blaster The Rocket Boy
V/A Screw 32 Moist Lowdowns Vinyl 7" Lime Green
V/A Four on the Floor Vinyl Lookout Screeching Weasel, Teen Idols
V/A Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance Box Set Vinyl 7" LIMITED EDITION 2008
V/A All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash Vinyl Various COLORED VINYL BLACK/PINK 2008
V/A Punk O Rama Vinyl 1994 Ten Foot Poll Pennywise NOFX Rancid Down By Law 16 Tracks
V/A Rat Music For Rat People Vinyl 1982 Go Records Original Press Dead Kennedys Black Flag Circle Jerks
V/A The Roxy London Vinyl 1977 Sisterdale Buzzcocks Slaughter and the Dogs
V/A Wanna Buy A Bridge Vinyl 1980 Rough Trade Spizz Energi, The Raincoats, Stiff  Little Fingers

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