What is the price of an album(s) I want?
We currently do not list prices for albums on the CD page and the Vinyl page.  This is mainly due
to price fluctuating, rarity, pressing and demand.  If  you are interested in an album that is on
one of either of those pages, contact us for pricing, condition and availability. We have many
albums in our inventory that exchange frequently.   

I want an album, but when I emailed you, it was not in stock?  When will you have it?  
Because of  we mainly have Rare & OOP music supply and demand play a significant role. If you
want we will keep in contact with you until we find what you are looking for. This literally may be
1 day or may be a few weeks.

What are the shipping and handling costs,  Do You ship Internationally? (YES WE SHIP GLOBAL)  
Rarepunkmusic.com generally packages and ships your order within 24-72 hours after we
receive payment.  We use boxes that are specifically made to ship CDs and vinyl records, quality
shipping material and carefully package Each Order.   We know what its like to receive cds and
records broken, smashed, etc..So we do All that we can to help your order getting to you safely.  
Delivery is by the U.S. Postal System (USPS) for Domestic and Canada & International
shipments.  We will ship Priority, Express, Overnight, UPS, FED EX.  Just ask and we will provide
you with the shipping price.

Shipping within the U.S.A.
CDs - $4.00  for 1st and $1.00 for each additional CD. CDs are shipped First Class.
Vinyl - $5.50 for 1st LP and $2.00 for each additional LP.   All orders include tracking.

Shipping to Canada
CDs - $7.00 for CD 1st item, $1.50 each additional item.  CDs are shipped 1st Class International
Vinyl - $12.00 for most titles, $2.00 for additional Vinyl.  2/LP and Boxed Sets may prices may
vary . Vinyl are shipped 1st Class International Shipping.  

International Shipping Prices Vary depending on Country and Region.  Please contact us for
shipping costs.  We have shipped Globally since we began, so please contact us.

Refunds, Exchanges...Shippinjg Insurance
If you are not 100% satisfied with your order we will refund, exchange, you fully.  We want you
to enjoy the items you purchased.  Obviously, if we send you a Factory Sealed  CD and you open
it, don't like the music a refund would not apply (It's happened before).  
We suggest that you purchase shipping insurance for $3.00-$4.00 .  We are Not Responsible for
items that are Damaged, Lost, Stolen due to the Postal Service.  We will be able to refund or
exchange if you purchase shipping insurance.  

Guys, there is something wrong with your website.  How can I tell you?
First, thank you for even reading this part.  Please e-mail our webmaster elli@rarepunkmusic.com

I would like to provide rarepunkmusic.com with pressing, label and information that is not listed,
is that cool?
YES!  We love punk nerds with lots of data and info that we missed, do not have or made an
error in listing, please submit this to us.  

Do I get Free stuff with my order?
Of course you do.  7"s,CDs, Stickers,Posters, Pins
We love You all and thank you for helping Rare Punk Music continue to grow.  There is so much
that is ahead.  
We generally deal with New,Mint, Near Mint and Very Good Condition items.
Prices and purchasing
Most of the items that are listed in on this website on the CDS Page and the Vinyl Page are available for sale.  We have
some at set prices and others we take offers on.  We have many more albums available that are not listed or posted.  We
are constantly updating our inventory list.
Buy Sell Trade
Do you have music that you want to sell or trade in?  We BUY RARE PUNK, HARDCORE, EMO, METAL...CDs, Vinyl, Cassettes,
clothing, posters, and other merch.  In Most cases we only will deal with New, Mint, Like New Near Mint condition items.  
Regardless of age (1991) The grading of a CD - Artwork and Vinyl - Cover is consistent. e.g. A Mint album from the mid 1995
should look like it is from 2005.  With selected items we will deal in Very Good+, Excellent condition items.   If you are
interested in BUYING, SELLING OR TRADING with Rare Punk Music, Contact Us.