7 Seconds Ourselves CD 1988 Restless RARE OOP
Ace Troubleshooter Back In The Shootin' Match CD 1996 LIMITED 1000
Alkaline Trio I Lied My Face Off CD e.p. 1999 AMR  
Alkaline Trio Private Eye Part 1 CD 2003 Single 3 Tracks  
Alkaline Trio Private Eye Part 2 CD 2003 Single 3 Tracks  
Alkaline Trio All Are Black CD 2003 VERY RARE IMPORT UNI
Alkaline Trio We've Had Enough CD Single 4 Tracks 2003  
AM Taxi The Good The Bad And The Fed Up CD e.p. 2009
AM Taxi AM Taxi S/T CD 2010 Virgin Advance Alternate Artwork & Disc
Angles & Airwaves Taking Back Sunday Split 4 2006 North American Tour
Angels & Airwaves We Dont Need To Whisper Cassette Tape 2006 RARE OOP
Angels & Airwaves The Adventure CD 2006 EU Import 2 Tracks
Angels & Airwaves The Adventure CD 2006 EU Import 3 Tracks   
Angels & Airwaves It Hurts CD 2006 EU Import  
Angels & Airwaves Everythng's Magic CD 2007 Promo 1 Track
Angels & Airwaves Everything's Magic 2007 UK
Antestor Martyrium CD 1994 Endtime 2006  
Antestor Forsaken CD IMPORT 2005 Endtime  
Antestor Det Tapte Liv EP CD 2004  Endtime  
Anthym Masks of Sanity CD 2007 Indy (Members of Dogwood Midnight Hour)
Areko Of Clive and Malcom 2007 OOP
Areko Product of Gesalt 2008
Armageddon Money Mask CD 2/CDs 2007 Retroactive COLLECTORS EDITION
Armistice Tied CD 1997 EU Import VERY RARE OOP
Arthur Loneliness is Bliss 1999 Rock City (MxPX Side Band)
Ataris/Useless ID Let It Burn CD Split 1999 Kung Fu Records
Avengers Died For Your Sins CD 1999 Lookout
Bad Religion No Control 2004 Epitaph Original Recording Remastered
Bad Religion Live '93 CD 1993 Radio Broadcast USA BRCD 93
Bad Religion Tested CD 1997 LIVE OOP RARE
.Baxter. Anthology 2/CD 2002 Will Not Clear Man RARE
.Baxter. Black Baccara CD 2008 Oni Chords
Believer Sanity Obscure 2005 Retroactive LIMITED (1000 Pressed)  
Black Flag The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More CD 1996 Manson 14 T racks
Blaster the Rocket Boy Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires CD  
Blaster the Rocket Boy S.S.F.F.T.V. CD 1996 Boot To Head  
Blaster the Rocket Boy Disasteroid CD 1998 Boot To Head  
Blaster the Rocket Boy Disasteroid Cassette Tape 1996 Limited 1000  
Blaster the Rocket Man The Monster Who Eat Jesus CD 1999 Rubio/Jackson
Blaster the Rocket Man Anatomy of a Monster CD 2002 Boot To Head 2/CD  
Blink 182 Flyswatter 1994 Cassette Tape
Blink 182 Buddha Cassette Tape Demo 1 & 2, Promo, Filter, Roadrunner
Blink 182 Cheshire Cat CD 1994 Cargo LIMITED "BLINK No 182"'
Blink 182 Cheshire Cat Cassette Tape "BLINK" NO "182", Import
Blink 182 M&Ms CD 1995
Blink 182 Wasting Time CD 1996 Australian Tour EP  LIMITED
Blink 182 Dude Ranch Cassette Tape 1997 Import
Blink 182 Josie CD 1997 Promo, Golfball Regular Issue
Blink 182 I Wont Be Home For Christmas Promo, Sleeve
Blink 182 Apple Shampoo CD Single 3 Tracks 1997 Rapid Records
Blink 182 Dammit CD 1997 Single 3 Tracks
Blink 182 Dick Lips CD e.p. 1998 Grilled Cheese  
Blink 182 Buddha CD 1998 Kung Fu Records OOP
Blink 182 Aliens Exist CD 1999 2 Tracks Import Mexico
Blink 182 Whats My Age Again CD 2 Single 1999 MCA 3 Tracks Visual Interview Green
Blink 182 Whats My Age Again CD Single 4 Tracks 2000 Enhanced
Blink 182 Whats My Age Again CD Mexico 2 Tracks 1999
Blink 182 Man Overboard CD 3 Tracks 2000 IMPORT
Blink 182 Men Overboard CD 1 Track Mexico Card Sleeve
Blink 182 Dumpweed CD Promo 3 Tracks Including 2 interviews PURPLE
Blink 182 Family Reunion CD Promo
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket CD 2001 RED DISC Airplane Digi-pack LIMITED  
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket CD 2001 YELLOW DISC Digi-pack LIMITED  
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket CD 2001 GREEN DISC Digi-pack LIMITED  
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket CD 2001 AUSSIE Import LIMITED
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket CD 2001 YELLOW IMPORT
Blink 182 I Won't Be Home For Christmas CD  Single 2001  MCA
Blink 182 Stay Together for the Kids Single 2001 Aussie IMPORT Enhanced  
Blink 182 Stay Together for the Kids 7 Track Enhanced 2001 MSI Aussi
Blink 182 Rock Show CD Single 2001 4 Tracks Enhanced
Blink 182 Rock Show CD Single 2001 3 Tracks MCA
Blink 182 New Found Glory CD Tape Don't Tell Me Its Over Split 2001 France 5 Tracks
Blink 182 Always CD Maxi Single 2004 Enhanced Geffen EU
Blink 182 I Miss You CD Single 2003 2 Tracks PINK GIRL ON COVER
Blink 182 Down CD Single Enhanced  2004 Geffen Aussie
Blink 182 Down CD Maxi Single 4 Tracks Enhanced 2004 Geffen/Uni EU
Blink 182 Another Girl From Another Planet CD 2005 1 Track Promo
Blink 182 Not Now CD Single 2005 Slipcase
Blink 182 Not Now CD Single 2 Tracks 2005 Geffen IMPORT
Blink 182 Up All Night CD 2011 U.S U.K PROMO Slimcase
Bouncing Souls Green Ball Crew CD e.p 1993 ULTRA RARE
Bouncing Souls Maniacal Laughter CD 1996 Alternate Artwork
Bouncing Souls How I Spent My Summer Vacation CD 2001 IMPORT 13 TRACKS
Bouncing Souls Fight to Live CD 1999 Epitaph Amsterdam
Bouncing Souls Gone CD IMPORT 3 Tracks Epitaph 2001 VERY RARE
Bouncing Souls Ghosts On The Boardwalk CD 2009
Bouncing Souls Comet CD 2012
Box Car Racer I Feel So CD 2003 IMPORT SINGLE
Brand New Holiday e.p. CD 1000 Pressed Limited Edition
Brand New Jude Law And A Semester Abroad CD 2003 Eat Sleep RARE
Brand New Deja Entendu CD 2005 UK Import 2 Videos
Brand New Deja Entendu Your Favorite Weapon CD 2007 Sore Point 2 CD Pack LIMITED
Brainchild, Living  Sacrifice, Circle of Dust Metaphorphosis: Remixes Re-Issue (1000 Pressed) 2004
Building 429 Preflight CD e.p. (Flight) 7 Tracks (4 Demo Tracks) 2002 Indie Release ULTRA RARE
Coldplay Don't Panic CD 2 Track w/Sleeve Limited Edition Import
Communion Soundtrack 1989 CD Eric Clapton 1966 Original Motion Picture Score
Cooter Looking Up CD 1999 Fastmusic (Autopilot Off) RARE
Craig's Brother Epidemic 2004 CD) Takeover 1st Press Alternate Artwork RARE
Craig's Brother Epidemic 2005 CD Takeover 2nd Press Alternate Artwork RARE
Crime Piss On Your Turntable CD 2001 2001 Lady Butcher
Crimson Thorn Unearthed for Dissection CD 1997 Atomic Repressed Morphine Records
Custom Deluxe Rookie CD 2000 VERY RARE
Custom Deluxe Life's Novel 2000 Hazmat OOP
Days of the New CD III 3 12 Tracks Advanced CD 2001 Outpost MEGA RARE
Dead Kennedys Orange Claw Hammer CD 1985 German Records Live Blue Horizon Philadelphia
Death Cab for Cutie New Year CD 2004 Fierce Panda Single 3 Tracks IMPORT
Death Cab for Cutie Something About Airplanes LIMTIED EDITION REISSUE Individual #
Deliverance What A Joke Stay of Execution CD 2/Albums 2000 KMG
Dinosaur Jr Take a Run at the Sun CD
Dinosaur Jr Keelin CD 2/CD 1995 Australia Tour Edition Blanco Y Negro
Dinosaur Jr Farm CD 2/CD 2009 Deluxe Limited Edition Bonus + Autographs Card OOP
Dinosaur Jr BBC Sessions CD Live Varese Sarabande 2000
Discharge Discharge CD 2002 Sanctuary
District Dont Mess With The Hard Punx CD 2004 Import EU Prison 2009 People Like Red Black
Dodgin' Bullets Soundtrack to the End of the World CD 1999 Facedown Records
Dodgin' Bullets Earn Your Respect 2003 Facedown Records
Dogwood Good Ol' Daze CD 1996 Rescue Records 1st Press, 2nd Press
Dogwood Through Thick & Thin CD 1996 Demo
Dogwood Through Thick & Thin CD 1996 Rescue Records
Dogwood Self-Titled CD 1998 Indy Release LIMITED VERY RARE
Dogwood This is Not a New Album CD 2001 Facedown Records OOP
Dogwood/Incomplete Split CD 2000 One Moment Records LIMITED
Dogwood Live at Chain Reaction CD 2001 LIMITED 1000
The Doors Wanted In The County of Dade CD Live Seattle 5, 1970
The Doors L.A. Woman CD Box Set Slipcase with Plastic Cover
The Doors Live in Philadelphia 'CD B Midnight 70
The Doors Perception Box Set 2006, 2008 CD/DVD 12 Discs
The Doughboys Whatever CD 1995
The Doughboys Home Again CD 1999 Restless Records VERY RARE
The Doughboys Happy Accidents CD 1992 Restless Records VERY RARE
Eels Electro Shock Blues CD 1998  Dreamworks Advanced  CD DMD-A-500052 16 Tacks MEGA RARE
Eels Blinking Lights and Other Revelations CD 2005 Vagrant W/Sleeve 6 Tracks LIMITED
Eminem Recovery Deluxe Edition CD 2010 Aftermath Bonus Tracks
Everclear Nervous & Weird CD Single 1993 Tim Kerr 6 Tracks  
Everclear Volvo Driving Soccer Mom CD Single 3 Tracks 2003 IMPORT  
Face to Face Live in Los Angeles 1998 LLR OOP
Face to Face Reactionary  2000 Vagrant  
Face to Face Standards and Practices 2001  IMPORT OOP
Face to Face Everything for Everything 2002 Kung Fu IMPORT  
Face to Face  Big Choice CD Victory Records
Face to Face  Big Choice CD Import Japanese 2004
Face Value Never Stray 1999 Bettie Rocket Records
Face Value There Always the Radio 2000 Bettie Rocket Records
The Falcon God Dont Make No Trash Up Your Ass With Broken Glass CD ep 2004 Red Scare
The Falcon Unicronography CD 2006 Red Scare
Fall Of Troy Manipulator CD 2007 Howling Import OOP
Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend CD 2003  Uprising Alt Artwork VERY RARE
Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend CD 2005 Uprising Alt Artwork VERY RARE
Fall Out Boy / Less Than Jake Take This to Your Grave / Anthem CD Enhanced  2003 LIMITED
Fall Out Boy Take This To Your Grave CD 2005 FBR Directors Cut Limited Edition 5000
Fall Out Boy A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More CD 2006 Uni IMPORT VERY RARE
Fall Out Boy Sugar Were Goin Down CD 2006 Single 3 TRACKS
Fall Out Boy THNKS Fr TH MMRS CD Single 4 Tracks Enhanced 2007 Uni IMPORT VERY RARE
Fall Out Boy Take Over the Breaks CD Single 2007 VERY RARE
Felix Frump Mount Cockmore CD 1996 Iguana Records OOP
Figure Four No Weapon Formed Against Us 2001 Facedown Records
Figure Four When It's all said and Done 2001 Facedown Records
Foundation Foundation CD S/T 2001 (Ann Beretta) VERY RARE OOP
Foundation Chimbarazo CD 2009 PRE-ORDER
Fugazi Stage Dive Masters CD 1990 Live Germany Armed Response
Further Seems Forever Moon is Down CD IMPORT EXTRA TRACK RARE
Further Seems Forever Recess Theory From the 27th St 1999 Fiddler
Further Seems Forever Hide Nothing CD 2004 LIMITED PRESSING 3 Extra Tracks
Ghoti Hook Sumo Surprise 1996 Tooth & Nail OOP
Ghoti Hook Banana Man 1997 Toot & Nail OOP
Ghoti Hook Songs We Didn't Write 1998 Tooth & Nail OOP
Ghoti Hook Two Years to Never 2000 Tooth & Nail OOP
Ghoti Hook Six Songs 2002 Velvet Blue Music VERY RARE OOP
Ghoti Hook Rest in Peace Live 2002 Tooth & Nail OOP
Goredeath Cast Into Darkness 2000
Get Up Kids Wouldn't Believe It CD e.p. IMPORT 4 Tracks 2004 VERY RARE
Good Charlotte Good Morning Revival CD DVD LIMITED RARE OOP 2007 Daylight
Green Day Redundant CD Part 1 Single IMPORT VERY RARE
Green Day Foot to Mouth CD 1997 IMPORT RARE
Green Day Jesus Of Suburbia CD Single Australian 3 Tracks RARE
Green Day American Idiot DVD 2004 1 Video
Green Day CD 5 Pack of Green Day CD-R LIMITED
Hippos Forget the World CD 1998 RARE
Hippos Wasting My Life CD 2000 AUSSIE IMPORT Trademark/Zomba 3 TRACKS VERY RARE
Hippos The Hippos CD 2003 Fanscape VERY RARE
Home Grown Thats Business CD 1995
Home Grown wushapping?!  CD 1998 Burning Heart/Grilled Cheese VERY RARE
Holy Soldier Last Train CD (1000 Pressed) LIMITED RARE
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier CD S/T 1990 RARE
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier CD Re-Issue IMPORT EXTRA TRACKS
The Humpers Positively Sick on 4th St CD 1993 Sympothy for the Record VERY RARE
The Humpers Plastique Valentine CD 2006 Epitaph Import
Ian Michaels Beyond the Veil 1996 Shuva Music RARE OOP
The Impossibles Impossibles CD 1997 FBR  
The Impossibles Back 4 the Attack CD e.p. 1998 FBR RARE
The Impossibles Anthology CD 1999 1st Press 22 Tracks MEGA RARE OOP
The Impossibles Never Say Goodbye DVD 2002 FBR/CTF ULTRA RARE
Incomplete 93-98 Sorry this Album is So Late CD 1998 Indy (Band SPLIT with Dogwood)
Incrave Dead End 2008 Ulterium Records
Jay Masics The Fog Free So Free CD 2002 Artemis OOP
Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart CD 1994
Jimmy Eat World Blister CD 1999 1 Track Remix   
Jimmy Eat World The Middle CD 2002 3 Tracks  
Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World CD  S/T 1994 Wooden Blue Records 1st Album VERY RARE
Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World CD  S/T e.p. 1996 OOP
Jimmy Eat World Futures CD CD/2 IMPORT TOUR EDITION Interscope UK
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American CD IMPORT JAPANESE 2004 Universal/Dreamworks
Kings of Leon Holy Roller Novocaine CD e.p. 2003 IMPORT BMG VERY RARE
Kings of Leon Day Old Belgian Blues CD 6 Tracks RCA 82876833622
Kings of Leon Wasted Time CD 2003 4 Tracks ENHANCED IMPORT VERY RARE
Kings of Leon The Bucket Part 1 Part 2
Kings of Leon 4 Kicks CD Single 2005
Kings of Leon On Call CD Single 2007 Sony VERY RARE
Kings of Leon Fans CD 2007 2 Tracks
Kings of Leon Only By the Night CD 2008 IMPORT
Kreepdowns Take a Spin 1998 Spruce Top
Ledfoot Ledfoot  CD 1997 Ninety Degree Records VERY RARE
The Lawrence Arms Shady View Terrace Split CD 2001 RARE OOP
The Last Star Fighter CD 1996 Intrada Records Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Less Than Jake Live From Uranus CD 1998 Import
Less Than Jake CD 2003 With Fall Out Boy Promo
Lifetime Hello Bastards 1995 Jade Tree
Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers 1997 Jade Tree
Logos When Life Seems Senseless CD Substant Records VERY RARE
Logos One Foot Forward Split CD VERY RARE
Makeshift3 Fuel for Life 1999 Fish Out of Water Records
Makeshift3 Game Day 2001 Micah Records
Makeshift3 Fluorescent Black  2006 New School Records
Metallica Broken Glass Enema CD Stuttgart 1997 Recorded Live August 1997
The Misfits Box Set CD Sampler Edition 16 Tracks Promo MEGA RARE
Mock Orange Nine & Sixes CD 1998 RARE
Mock Orange First EP CD e.p. 2002 Deaddroid RARE
Mortal Presents Pura Intense Records 1995 RARE
MU330 Press CD AMR 1997 OOP
MU330 Chumps on Parade CD 1996 OOP Dill VERY RARE
MU330 Chumps on Parade CD 1997 OOP AMR
MxPx Christmas CD 1998 Single RARE OOP
MxPx Christmas Party CD 2002 Happy Holidays From MxPx Fan Club Exclusive OOP
MxPx Before Everything & After CD 2003 IMPORT JAPAN ENHANCED
MxPx Lost in Japan CD 2001 IMPORT Uni
MxPx Responsibility CD e.p 4 Tracks 2000 VERY RARE
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge CD 2004 CD/DVD IMPORT
My Chemical Romance Headfirst for Halos CD Single 2004  2 Tracks VERY RARE
My Chemical Romance Helena CD Single 2005 2 Tracks
My Chemical Romance Helena CD Single 2005 3 Tracks RARE
My Chemical Romance Helena DVD 2005 VERY RARE
My Chemical Romance I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Part 2 CD Single 2004 Reprise
My Chemical Romance Ghost of You CD Single 2005
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade CD  2006 LIMITED ED 13 Tracks
My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words CD Single 3 Tracks IMPORT VERY RARE GOLD ARTWORK
My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words 2 CD Single 3 Tracks IMPORT RARE
Name Taken Silent Game CD 2000  Top Notch  Recordings
Name Taken/Bayside Split 2003 Suburban Home
Name Taken Hold On CD 2005 Fiddler RARE GOLD 2005 Re-release
New Found Glory It's All About the Girls CD Fiddler Records 1997/2003 RARE
New Found Glory Dont Wanna Know CD Single 2005 IMPORT
New Found Glory Not Without A Fight CD 2009 T-Shirt, Auto Included
The Nixons Foma CD 1995 MCA/Victor IMPORT Japan ULTRA RARE
Nirvana Sliver CD 1990 SINGLE Tupelo 4 TRACKS VERY RARE
Nirvana Unplugged MTV Live in NY LIMITED EDITION IMPORT 1994 Uni/Japan
Nirvana Hormoaning 1992, 2003 IMPORT DGC/MCA Victor LIMITED Repress RARE
Nirvana Penny Royal Tea CD 1994 Geffen 3 Tracks Import EU Mega Rare
Nirvana The Interview CD 1999 Orchard Chrome Dreams OOP
Nirvana Interview Shaped CD CID Records Disc has Design of Cobain
Nirvana The Songs of Kurt Cobain CD Box Wooden Heart Shaped Box 5 Discs 500 Numbered
Nirvana This Is An Unlicensed Recording Of Nirvana Live Vol 1. CD Amcos 15 Tracks        
Nirvana Unplugged In New York CD Box Set 1995 Import Heart Shaped Limited Edition
Nirvana Outcesticide In Memory Of Kurt Cobain CD 1996 Original Press Blue Moon
Nirvana Rare Tracks Vol. II CD 1995 Insect IMPORT 21 Tracks
Nirvana Had It All Hollywood Palace CD 1996 Madman 41 Live Hollywood Palace 10/25/91
Noggintoboggan Snapcase CD 1999 Bettie Rocket Records VERY RARE
Noggintoboggan Your Days are Numbered CD 2000 Bettie Rocket
Noggintoboggan Pleased to Melt You CD 2001 Bettie Rocket Records
No Motiv Cynical CD 1996 Edge ULTRA RARE, 2nd Pressing 2000
No Motiv Scarred CD 1998 Edge ULTRA RARE
No Motiv Cynical CD 1st Press, 2nd Press VERY RARE
No Motiv Daylight Breaking CD IMPORT 2 EXTRA TRACKS
Off By One Off By One CD 2002 MCA
Officer Negative Zombie Nation 1999 Screaming Giant
Officer Negative Live CD 2000 Screaming Giant VERY RARE
Officer Negative/Lugnut Split 2000 DNA
Operation Ivy Seedy CD 1995 Karma Kredit Records VERY RARE
Operation Ivy Seedy CD 2006 Phantom 11 Tracks (2 Live)
Operation Ivy Energy 2007 Epitaph 27 Tracks Remastered
Operation Ivy - Radio Daze CD 1999 Spiked Beer and Beer Records Live 26 Tracks
Panic at the Disco Fever You Cant Sweat Out CD 24 TRACKS IMPORT 2007
Panic at the Disco Pretty Odd! DELUXE LIMITED BOXED 2008 OOP
Panic at the Disco Live in Chicago DELUXE BOXED SET PICTURE BOOKS OOP
Parachute Losing Sleep CD 2009 Def Jam Slim  Digi Rare
Paramore Riot! CD MVI 2008 Limited Edition
Paramore Final Riot! DELUXE BOXED SET 2008 FBR 5000 Limited Edition
Paramore Brand New Eyes CD Vinyl 7" 2009 Box Set Limited Edition # 15000
Pennylane From Paradise to Parking Lots CD 2004 IVM VERY RARE OOP
Pavement  Stuff Up the Cracks CD 1994 Pseudo 21 Tacks
Pearl Jam Keys to Success CD 2/CD 1996 LIVE Seattle
The Pharmaceutical Bandits Those Damn Bandits CD 1998 Rx Bandits RARE OOP
Philmore Philmore S/T 2000 Five Minute Walk RARE
Philmore The Bare Truth about Philmore 2001
Philmore The Bare Truth about Philmore 2002 XS Records Re-release
Philmore Demolition CD 2004 New Demo VERY RARE
Plane Without A Pilot Its About Time CD 2008 Rdub
Pollen Crescent  CD1995 Grass Records VERY RARE
Pollen Bluette CD 1996 Grass Records VERY RARE
Pollen Chip Jr. CD 1999 FBR 3 Tracks, Import
Possession The Unnameable Suffering 1993 VERY RARE
Predator Soundtrack CD Varese Sarabande LIMITED EDITION 3000
Project 86 Drawing Black Line 2000 BEC
Punchline Punchline CD S/T 1999 Circa ULTRA RARE
Punchline Major Motion CD Picture 2001 Indie
Quit Earlier Thoughts CD 1990 Mango Head Music
Quit Earlier Thoughts 1996 CD Re-Release 2 Live Bonus Tracks Rojo
Rancid Demolition Sessions  CD 1993-94 Demos & Outtakes 26 Tracks
Relient K Pirates Who Don't Do Anything MCD VERY RARE
Relient K Employee of the Month September CD 6 Tracks - Unreleased E.P.
Relient K MMHMM CD 2005 IMPORT JAPAN Extra Tracks
Relient K Most Have Done Something Right CD 2006 Single 1 Track VERY RARE
Rise Against Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD 2004 Promo Advance 9 Tracks
Sacrament Testimony Of Apocalypse Presumed Dead 2004 Retroactive Records 1000 PRESSED
Sacred Warrior Master's Command CD 1989 Intense VERY RARE
Scared of Chaka Masonic Youth CD 1996 Empty VERY RARE
Scared of Chaka How to Lose CD 1998 702 Records
Scared of Chaka Scared of Chaka CD S/T
Scared of Chaka Hutch Brown Sandwiches CD 1995  
Screeching Weasel Punk Rock Super Heros CD 1986 Live Radio Limited 1000 Armed
7 Days Weight of the World CD 2006 RIVEL IMPORT RARE
Shockwave Omega Supreme Comp Collection 1996-2001 Triple Crown RARE
Shop 11 Phoenix This is Your Life CD 2001 Bettie Rocket Records
Shop 11 Phoenix This is Your Life CD 2001 DEMO with Live Tracks ULTRA RARE
Shop 11 Phoenix Split CD 2000 FACTORY SEALED LIMITED (1000 Pressed) VERY RARE
Shop 11 Phoenix Now Forever CD 2003 (Final Release) VERY RARE
Showoff Waiting for You  CD 2008 RE-RELEASE EXTRA TRACKS VERY RARE
Sick of Change CD Demo 2 Tracks Within Reach Ordinary (Face to Face Cover)
Sick of Change In Our Time of Need CD 1999 Bettie  Rocket  
Sick of Change These Shattered Lives CD 2001 Bettie Rocket  
Side Walk Slam Rock Anthems From The Midwest CD 1999  
Side Walk Slam Two Steps Forward...CD BTH RARE
Skratchline A Day In The Sun CD 2000 Catalino Music Rescue Records
Slick Shoes EP CD 1997 Tooth & Nail RARE OOP Band's 1st release
Slick Shoes Rusty CD 1997 Tooth & Nail OOP
Slick Shoes Burnout 1998 Tooth & Nail OOP
Smashing Pumpkins Riviera Theatre CD 10/23/95 2 Little Pigs
Smashing Pumpkins Shoot Out the Lights CD October 1995 Live Primadonna Italy
Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgiest 2007 Marthas Music ORANGE Extra Track VERY RARE
Social Distortion Sick Boys 1991 Youth Records LIVE IMPORT VERY RARE
Social Distortion Live AT CBGBS CD 1997 Hit Parade LIVE AT CBGBS 1992
Stairwell Fifty Years Too Late CD
Student Rick Soundtrack for A Generation CD 2001 Advance Promo 13 Tracks
Sublime Fallen Idols CD 1995 Live The Palace Hollywood California October 1995 23 tRACKS
Swellers End of Discussion 2003 MEGA RARE OOP
Swellers Beginning of the End Again CD 2005 OOP
Swellers My Everst CD 2007 OOP
Swellers Bottles DVD 2007 Rare OOP
Swellers The Swellers CD Radtone Music 13 Tracks
Swellers Upsizing and Downsizing CD 2009 Limited Edition
Tinkle Rejected 1996 Right On Recordings RARE  
Thrice All Thats Left CD 2003
Thrice Beggars CD 2009 Vagrant Advanced CD
Thrice Live at House of Blues CD 2009 CD/DVD
Third Eye Blind Ursa Major CD Advanced CD 2009 Megaforce MEGA RARE
This Providence The Bright Lights EP CD 2008 Digi-pack RARE OOP 4 Tracks
Thrush Aeon CD e.p. 2008 (Members of Craig's Brother)
Thursday War All the Time CD 2003 IMPORT EXTRA TRACK VERY RARE
Thursday Signals Over The Air CD DVD 2003 Very Rare 2/Discs Promo Advance U.S. Press
The Undecided the Orange Album S/T 1996 Self Release VERY RARE
Underoath Acts of Depression CD 1999 VERY RARE
Too Bad Eugene At Any Rate CD 1999 Rock City
Underoath Cries of the Past  2000 Treshold VERY RARE
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation 2009 LIMITED BOXED CD DVD VINYL
Underoarth Lost in the Sound of Seperatation CD Instrumentals 11 Tracks Tooth & Nail
Unwritten Law Blue Room CD 1995 Red Eye Mid West RARE
Value Pac Value Pac S/T 1996 Tooth & Nail
Value Pac Jalapeno 1997 BEC
Value Pac Incognito 2000 4 Door
Value Pac/Ghoti Hook Split 2000  Tooth & Nail  VERY RARE
Vengeance Rising Human Sacrifice/Once Dead 2/CDs 1998 KMG RARE
Vengeance Human Sacrifice CD 1989 VERY RARE
Vengeance Rising Once Dead CD 1990 Intense Records VERY RARE
Vengeance Rising Destruction Comes CD 1991 Intense Records
Vengeance Rising Anthology CD Intense 1993
War Rocket Ajax I Lost My Mind 2000 Bettie Rocket Records
Watashi Wa Lost a Few Battles...Won the War CD 1999 Bettie Rocket  RARE
Watashi Wa What's In the Way  2001 Bettie Rocket
Watership Down CD Soundtrack 1998 Pendulum Angela Morley MEGA RARE
Weezer Undone The Sweater Song CD 1994 Single 4 Tracks VERY RARE
Weezer Buddy Holly CD Single 1995 German GED21978 3 Tracks VERY RARE
Weezer Buddy Holly CD Single 1995 IMPORT 4 Tracks RARE
Weezer Say It Aint So CD Single 3 Tracks With Sticker 1995 Geffen
Weezer The Good Life Oz CD 1996 U.K. Sticker IMPORT Geffen VERY RARE
Weezer El Scorcho CD 1996 EU with Paper Sleeve VERY RARE
Stations of the Tokaido/Kambara Evening Show Diorama, 8x10 Autographed Photo
of Band Pinkerton Lyric Book from the Original Album Art. Pinkerton Deluxe False Death Metal
Weezer Christmas CD 2 Tracks Pink Disk ULTRA RARE
Weezer Christmas CD 2008 Christmas Edition Japan UNI IMPORT
Weezer Green Album CD IMPORT Japanese 2001 Extra Tracks VERY RARE
Weezer Island in the Sun CD Single 2001 4 Track IMPORT VERY RARE
Weezer Island in the Sun Part 2/CD Japan
Weezer Photograph CD 2001 Import Japan OBI 2 Tracks Christmas Celebration RARE
Weezer Maladroit CD IMPORT Japanese 2002 Extra Tracks Enhanced RARE
Weezer Keep Fishin' CD 2001 EU Import 2 Tracks, 3 Tracks 4 Tracks, EU Enhanced
Weezer The Lion and the Witch CD Maxi e.p. LIMITED (25000-35000 PRESSED)
Weezer Red Album CD 2008 5 Track Album Sampler IMPORT VERY RARE
Weezer Red Album CD/DVD Deluxe Edition Limited Import
Weezer Raditude Record Store Day CD 2010 5 Tracks
Weston Return to Mono CD 1999 Rubber Records IMPORT RARE
Weston To Some I'm A Geninus CD 2000 Mojo Promo 1 Track
ZAO Liberate te ex inferis save yourself from Hell CD 1999 Solid State OOP
VA Boot To Head Records Sampler 1999
V/A I Love Fueled By Ramen CD 2004 10 Tracks
V/A Facedown Sampler 2004 CD Facedown Distribution 26 Bands/Tracks VERY RARE
V/A I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol. 1 1996 Tooth & Nail    
V/A I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 2002 Tooth & Nail
V/A Strength to Prevail CD A Compilation of Hardcore Fury and Metal Madness Facedown/Strike First
V/A Nothing Says I Love You Like Punk Rock Bettie Rocket  
V/A Nothing Says I Love You Like Punk Rock 2 Bettie Rocket
V/A Joshua Fest 2005 VA Syntax Records
V/A Thoughts of Yesterday Vol. 1 CD 2000 One Moment Records
V/A A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas CD 2004 Bands/Tracks 24
V/A All Aboard All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash CD Anchorless 2008
V/A Before You Were Punk CD 1997  
V/A Before You Were Punk 2 CD 1999 Tribute to 80's New Wave
V/A Check This Out Baby CD 1996 Onefoot Buglight Funbox Latex Generation
V/A FBR CD 2002 9 Tracks (the20goto10, Punchline...)  
V/A Music on the Brain Volume 3 CD 2/Disc 26 Bands VERY RARE LIMITED
V/A The Militia Group Tunes '04 CD 7 Bands 12 Tracks 2004 Militia RARE
V/A Punk Uprisings Vol. 1 Lookout! Records 1996 25 Bands/Tracks
V/A Smart Punk Music on the Brain Volume 3 CD 2/CDs 26 Bands/Tracks VERY RARE
V/A Vagrant Records Spring 03 Vagrant CD 2003 LIMITED EDITION 4-BANDS/TRACKS
V/A Vans Off the Wall Vol IV 26 Tracks (Bouncing Souls, Slick Shoes, Suicide Machines)
V/A Waiting for Punk CD Tri-State Area Punk Bands

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