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Thrice Gets Robbed

Really lame news from ThriceLand. Thrice Robbed

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates — There’s hasn’t been much to post since there has been a lull in Thrice related activity in the last few months. We have been going through some things in our personal lives that ultimately, are much bigger and much more important, which had called for our full attention for the time being. It’s been a pretty crazy season of change for us and we appreciate all your guys’ love and support.

Furthermore, we found our storage space dead empty, robbed and quite literally swept clean several weeks ago (no seriously, they took a broom and dust pan and swept it clean). Luckily, the stuff we currently use the most was at the studio, but we still had a lot of stuff taken. The culprits were actually caught and are locked up at the moment and we were able to get some smaller stuff back (mostly cases). We fully understand that this is a complete shot in the dark, but if anyone sees our stuff being sold (or anything that might be ours) at least in the Orange/San Diego/Los Angeles counties, please do NOT contact the seller, instead, contact our management at and let us know. Just some of the stuff that is still at large:

- My Black ‘85 Les Paul Custom – Super bummed about this one as it was my main guitar for years. Some key indicators might be: all nickel hardware, Dimarzio bridge pickup, stock neck pickup, significantly yellowed binding, a nick down to the wood around the middle of the neck. Not the most identifiable guitar but what the heck, no harm in trying…I want this back dang it!

- Black Les Paul Custom Lite – This is a super rare guitar and (I believe) was refinished in black at some point. I’ve never seen another black one so any black Les Paul Custom Lites might be a red flag.

- Rhodes Mark V – Pretty rare keyboard and we’d be interested to hear about any of these being sold.

- Acrylic C&C Drum kit – Smoke acrylic 24’ kick drum, 14’ rack, 18’ floor. This was custom made especially for Riley and there is none other like it. If you see this kit, then this is an instant red flag.

Like I said, complete shot in the dark, but any shot is better than no shot I suppose. In the end though, it’s just stuff so we are giving a big collective “Oh well”.

On a happy note of change, my family and I just recently picked up and left our home in OC to move up north to an island in Washington. It’s a drastic change for us but a welcome and conscious one and I am absolutely loving it. I’ll be splitting my time between there and Thrice’s home base of Orange pretty much 50/50 for the next few months as we work to get back on track and finish this record. Maybe I can buy a sweet toaster or something with my accumulated miles.

On the Thrice front, we are picking things back up this week and are back in the studio. I feel like we’ve been able to pick our momentum back up fairly easily and we have had a pretty productive couple days. It’s actually been kinda nice to be able take some time off from being so immersed in it and come back with fresh minds/perspectives/ears.

We’ll also be playing a couple shows in the socal area in the beginning of March with our good friends in Circa Survive:

3/3 at Soma in San Diego

3/5 at the Musink festival

We’re super excited about seeing/playing with those guys as they are stand up guys just as much as they are an amazing band. We’ll be sure to keep this site updated while we are back in writing mode. Thanks for sticking around and checking in.



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Weezer – Commercial “Like A Good Neighbor…”

Check Weezer’s New Commercial they have out. Or don’t. Either way, Its interesting that they’ve made a commercial.


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