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For all of the Blink 182 Fans across the Pond from the U.S., Blink 182 is coming to play Near You. Last year, you guys watched in agony while Blink played U.S. dates for the Entire Summer. Now is your chance to see them. Get Your Tickets Now. Sorry Aussie, South America, Antarctica, etc…Your time will come.


Aug 16 2010 Aberdeen, United Kingdom – AECC

Aug 17 2010 Glasgow, United Kingdom – SECC Glasgow

Aug 19 2010 Hasselt, Belgium – Pukkelpop Festival Belgium

Aug 20 2010 Biddinghuizen, Netherlands – Lowlands Festival

Aug 21 2010 Luedinghauser, Germany – Area 4 Flugplatz

Aug 22 2010 Hainburg, Germany – Highfield Festival

Aug 24 2010 Hamburg, Germany – Sporthalle Hamburg

Aug 25 2010 Chiemsee, Germany – Chiemsee Rocks

Aug 27 2010 Paris, France – Seine Festival

Aug 28 2010 Leeds, United Kingdom – Leeds Festival

Sept 4 2010 Bologano, Italy – Arena Parco I Festivalblinklaslist2

More to Be Announced.


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Great Band Line Up as Usual. Check here to see Who’s Playing.

Get out there and support your favorite bands. Enjoy hundreds of other Festivities too.

Band List. (Some bands are only playing in select locations).

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Mostly Punk Hardcore Vinyl 7″s List For Sale

Here is a list of vinyl 7″s for sale. Some have the price listed, others are best offers.

Shipping in the U.S. is $2.00 Most Countries is $6.00

Email questions to

117 Pygmies Last Train Black
A Nation of Lepers 60 Cycle Hum Black
Absolute Zero Absolute Zero Black Allied
Against Me New Wave Black
Alice Donut
Alice Donut Medication B
All Chrome Flounders Filers College and Canada Black Ferret
Allied Gunmen Audio Invasion Blue/Yellow/Green Kapow
Allied Gunmen Audio Invasion Black/Yellow Kapow
Arlo Sittin On The Aces Black Sub Pop
Armchair Martian Barely Passing Black Martian/Cargo
Automatic Crossing Kill Creek Black
Automatic 7 Syringe Black Vagrant Lady Luck
Back of Dave Thick Picture Disc Thick
Bailter Space Splat Black
Ballistics Bat Outta Ghoul
Batterie Acid Batterie Acid Mint Green
Bell Jar Bell Jar Black Empty
Beta Minus Mechanic 69 Camaro B Revelation
Big Damn Crazy Weight Tijeras Green Marble 190/500
Big Drill Car Chemical People Split Yellow Cruz
Big Mistake Big Ego Green
Bivouac Bivoac Green Engine
Black Cat Music One Foot in the Grave Black Lookout
Blighttobody Party Snout Blue Restless
Blood Red Shoes Red Shoes Black V2
Bloodlet Shell Black Hawthorne Street
Bouncing Souls Ugly Bill Green
Bouncing Souls Ugly Bill
Bouncing Souls Garden State Picture Disc/500 Hand #
Bracket For Those About To Mock Black FWC
Breakups The Songs May Last
Bristles Pogo Till You Puke Red 2000 2nd Press
Brother JT Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory Clear/74/100 Summersets
Brown Lobster Tank Static E.P. Black
Bugjuice Delouser E.P. Maroon Repellent
Bullet For My Valentine 4 Words Etched Design Vinyl Torment 2
Burning Bush Black Fistful
Buttsteak Supersonic White Go Kart
Cell Estatic Practice Gold DGC
Champ Passing Car Black Sub Pop
Charlene Summertimer Blue
Charles Roland The Vultures B
Clobber Get Smart Blue Half
Colt Seavers Colt Seavers B 133/500
Come Wrong Side b Matador
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution Black
Corrupted Ideals Anti Faction Blue New Red
Couch This Lifes E.P. Black Lookout
Cracker Bash Bike Black Sub Pop
Crawlspace/The Mooseheart Faith Split Black Jamtounge
Creedle Bad Radio Black Head Hunter
Crumbox Resuscitation Black Time Bomb
Crypt Kicker Five Crypt Kicker Fiver B C/Z
Crystal Lake Vaudeville Red/54 Orik
Dead End Cruisers Who’s Who Black
Decadent Dub Team Meltdown Red
Decadent Dub Team Meltdown Gray Marble
Deche Dans Fans Germon et Fils EP Black Sub Pop
Derelicts I Wanna Get Out B Empty
Digger Geek Love Black Hopeless
Division of Laura Lee Need To Get Some B Epitaph/Buring Heart
Don Knotts A Black Day For Mayberry Orange
Dragons Here Are The Roses Clear Cargo
Drip Tank Motherlode Shithouse Black
Dripping Lips My Heaven Black Alive
Drunk The Round Couple B Jag
E.Coil-Bindle/Precious Friend Split Red Triple XXX
Earls Family Reunion Earls Family Reunion Black Empty
Editors The Racing Rats Black Kitchenware
Eighteen Visions Vanity White Trustkill
Electric Frankenstein Teenage Shutdown Reptilian
Elephant Satellites Black Resin
Entrophy Gross National Product Black Bad Idea Music
Eve 6 Superhero Girl Red 0031/500
Everready Girl
Fallout Trust When We are Gone Black Part 1 of 1
Fallout Trust When We are Gone Red Part 2 of 2
Featherman Good Friend Orange
Feeder We Are the People Black
Feeder Pushing the Senses White Echo Limited
Felix The Usual Volume One B Noisy Revolution
Fiddlehead Black Allied
Field Music If Only The Moon Were Up Black Memphis Industries
Figurines Black Morningside
For Sale Bargin E.P. Noise Records
For the Living Dead Broken From the Start Black/48 Punk Uprisings Records
Foundation Homecoming Black
Four Point Star Strangers Ways
Fruit What is Fruit Picture Disc
Fucked Up Daytrotter Matador Record Store Day
Futureheads The Beginning of the Twist Grey Nul Records
Futureheads The Beginning of the Twist Clear Nul Records
Futureheads Radio Heart Gold
Futureheads Futureheads Black
Garrison The Bend Before The Break Black Revelation
Gear Jammer Lock and Load B Amphetamine
Gene Defcon Liz Black
Glue Gun Glue Gun Black Fearless
Golden Guineas Shit Or Bust! Black Estrus
Gracious Standstill Black/Etched Limited Edition EU
Green Day Berkeley Block Buster White
Green Day Berkeley Block Buster Black
Green Day Know Your Enemy Black/3000 Individual #
Green Sleep Scarab A Fine Proposal Pink
Grifters Coat of Silence Clear Mint Derivative
Grifters Queen of Table Waters B Sub Pop
Groove Psychosis Piece of Mind
Ground Round Painting Vulgar Dreams Blue 702
H.F.L. Old School Pride Black Lethal Records
Hagfish Hagfish
Hagfish Mint Maid Trixie Black BYO
Heartattacks Stay/Go White Plastic Idol
Helmet – Split Primitive/Born Annoying Black Amphetamine
Hoobastank The Reason Black Island
Hot Water Music Alachua Die-Cut Allied
Impossible 5/Jerks Split Black
Interview with David Sylvian of Japan Picture Disc
Iron Butter For Myspohiliacs Yellow White Swirl
J Church My Favorite Place Black Honey
Jack Johnson Living In The Moment Black Brushfire
Joy Electric Work Man Ship Blue Marble
Just A Fire I Roll High Gold/1000 Thick
Kelley Stoltz Your Reverie Sub Pop
Ladies Who Lunch Everybodys Happy Nowadays Clear Pink Grand Royal
Lake Trout Street Fighting Man & Now We Know
Lanemeyer Emanuel Nice Split Red
Love Battery Foot Green Marble Sub Pop
Magnapop Fire All Your Guns At Once Clear Purple Side 1 Dummy
Magpie Blue Skinny
Maison Blanche Pistol People Society Black Gigantic Single Series
Metroschifter For the Love Of Basic Cable B Foresight
Metroshifter Picture Disc Red
Migraine Schleprock Black
Moneychangers Making Friends With the MC Black Lung
Monster Zero Spy Vs. Spy Gray Marble SS
Mute-Ants James Plays Dress Up Mint Green M-P
My Name A Woman’s Touch B C/Z
Neer do wells Intolerable Lookout
Nightfall Reality Is Pain Gray Marble E.P.
No Thanx Part of The Scene Black Hellcat
Nofx Cokie The Clown Pink White Swirl FWC
Nofx Frisbee Coaster Blue Stamp FWC
Omaha The Return As
One Man Army Shooting Blanks
Our Age Fuckin’ Up Black A&C
Pinhead Circus My Confession Green BYO
Pond Young Splendor Green
Pot Valiant Loudstreet Lookout
Potatomenn On The Avenue Black Lookout
Potshot Freedom And Responibilty Black Asianman
Potshot Stay Natural Black Asianman
Poverty Bay Saints Black 400
Preston furman Ticonderoga Black Lizard Family
Radio 4 Enemies Like This Black Astralwerks
Railroad Jerk Bang The Drum B Matador
Red Five Mister Universe Yellow Transparent Side 1 Dummy
Ripe Eggplant Family Black Sub Pop
Rock the Light Mermaid Sky Line Black
Rusty Willoughby Here Come The Weakened White Sub Pop
Rythhm Collision Rhythm Collision Black Break Point Even
Sammy Chili Lite B
Seafood Porchlight Black Wabana ORE27
Season To Risk Mine Eyes Black Give Me Back My Hand
Season To Risk Biter Black Sony
SF Seals Still? Yellow Transparent Matador
Sic & Mad Skank This Black Special Potato
Sno Boy
Solarium All The Time
Sparkmarker Atomos Black No Idea
Splintered Hilt Black Pitsbull
Squirtgun Social E.P. Black Lookout!
St Johnny Scuba Diving B Geffen
St. Johnny Go To Sleep Black Ajax
Starsailor Poor Misguided Fool Black
Stray Cats Wont Stand In Your Way Picture Disc Promo
Street Smart Cyclist Black
Stuntmen Black Black Hole
Superchunk Home at Dawn Orange Speed Kills
Swamp Zombies Purple Limited Edition
Sweet Diesel Morphine Breath Black Vroom
Tall Birds Internalize Sub Pop
Tank Standing Standing In Your Way
Teen Angels Teen Dream Black Sub Pop
Teriyaki Asthma Superchunk, Poster Childern, Black C/Z
Terribly Empty Pockets Sexy World Black Columbus Discount
The Bar Feeders The Bar Feeders White Fast Music
The Blow Up Dead Stars Black Empty
The Burdens/Romeo’s Dead Split Black
The Cables Wounded Man Green
The Crumbs Shakespeare Black Lookout/Recess
The Dead60s Stand Up PT. 2
The Elevator Drops Elevator To Heaven B Time Bomb
The Fairlanes Hi! We’re The Fairlanes Black
The Feds Classified Black
The Fighters Breaking Bones For the Laughter B
The Flies Teen Challenge Black Empty
The Four Eyes Come Prepared Black
The Ghoulies Hangin On Black Beluga
The Golden Ticket Isodm White/240/304
The Goods Nothin White
The imps Capsized / Disease
The Inoculators Home For The Holidays Green/Pink Splatter
The Iron-Ons Insta-Noise
The Man Highrise Gray Marble Man
The Nervous Return Bad Girl White
The New Bomb Turks Stick It Out Black Quinte Blues FWC
The Nojons California 1983 Black Punk Before Profit
The On Offs 3 Wrong Upstairs Black Regal
The Pattern The Pattern Blue
The Pattern Non Stop Gearhead
The Pattern Fragile Awareness Black Witchica
The Rougues You Better Look Now Black Audition
The Soul Fools Man to Man
The Spunks cannana Fever Black Gearhead
The Swansons All These Things Blue
The Vultures Sex Bomb
These Are Powers Silver Lung White Elsie and Jack
Three Sides Up Licorice B Stuggle
Thrice Thursday Split Clear
Thunder Boys Can’t Stop Drinking (About You) Red/165/550 Gearhead
Tilt Addiction Black Lookout
UFOFU UFOFU Black Time Bomb
Velvet Monkeys Rock The Nation Sub Pop
Vendetta Red Shatterday Red Epic
Volcano Apple or Gun Leaf EU
White Savage I Prefer Savage Blue Flame Shovel
Young and Sexy Hello Young Mint
Your Concrete Eyes Black Marble
Zeke Fiddler 1/2 Baked / 1/2 Inflated Black Chunk
Zip Gun Together Dumb Black Empty

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