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On Valentine’s Day 2010, Angels & Airwaves – Love was Released Online, Digitally for Free. You may give a donation.
From .1-$100.00 to anything you want. Or simply nothing at all.

There has not been artwork for Love or complete tracklists available.

We’ll take a breath, make a wish and check these pictures of LOVE out. Beautiful, breathtaking, f’ing amazing.

avalove artwork

We Love you all
avalove artwork

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Rare Punk Music – Wanted

Are you still looking for an album and can’t find it anywhere, even here at ?
Contact Us with your request. WE will Post your item on the WANTED LIST. Other fans and collectors like YOU
may have what you are looking for and will Sell or Trade. Listed below are requests. Remember, Rare Punk Music’s inventory constantly changes, so just ask if we have what you looking for, even if we havent listed it.

This list is also for people that have requested certain conditions and other material.

**Rare Punk Music Buys Vinyl Test Presses – Blink 182, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Thrice, The Impossibles, Further Seems Forever, ,
Saves The Day, Thursday, Bouncing Souls, Green Day, The Gaslight Anthem…Rare Punk Music Buys Vinyl Test Presses**

Wanted Items

Against Me Against Me Vinyl Black Any variation NM-Very Good
Alexisonfire Alexisonfire Vinyl Defiance Distort Black 500
Alkaline Trio Demo Tape
Alkaline Trio – For Your Lungs Only
Alkaline Trio Sundial Vinyl 7″ 1997 Bands’s 1st Release 500 Pressed
Alkaline Trio – I Lied My Face Off CD
Alkaline Trio – I Lied My Face Off Vinyl
All Aboard: A Johnny Cash Tribute Vinyl Pink 1st Press 100
All Aboard: A Johnny Cash Tribute CD
All Wound Up – Comfort In Compromises
The Ataris Anywhere But Here Vinyl
Avail Front Porch Stories Vinyl Red
Baxter Anthology CD Will Not Clear Man Records .baxter 2/CD
Best Interest – It Starts Now
Blaster the Rocket Man – Anatomy of a Monster Very Good
Blaster the Rocket Boy – Disasteroid Very Good
Blink 182 Short Bus 7″ Red Vinyl Split Iconoclasts 1994 Big Weenie
Blink 182 Buddha Demo Tape 1994 Filter Records
Blink 182 M&Ms CD Single 1995
Blink 182/Swindle Split Lemmings Vinyl 7″ Yellow Vinyl Grilled Cheese Cargo
Blink 182 Dude Ranch Vinyl 1997 (Good – Very Good Condition)
Blink 182 Buddha Promo Tape Kung Fu 1998
Blink 182 Family Reunion CD 1999 Promo 1 Track
Blink 182 Enema of the State Vinyl Test Press
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Vinyl (Good – Very Good)
Blink 182 CDs, Vinyl, Cassettes, DVDs, Memorabilia
Bouncing Souls Gone CD 3 Tracks
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Vinyl 7″ Vol 1 Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Vinyl 7″ Vol 2 Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Vinyl 7″ Vol 3 Tour Splatter
Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Vinyl 7″ Vol 4 Tour Splatter
Brand New Your Favorite Weapon Vinyl 2/LP BLUE 500, WHITE 100
Burn Cleanse Vinyl Red
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Zuit Suit Riot Vinyl 7″ Red Mojo Records
Coheed and Cambria Keepin Secrets of Silent Earth Vinyl 2003 Equal Vision
Craig’s Brother – Keepin’ It Real Apple Jack Records 1997
Dinosaur Jr Just Like Heaven Vinyl 10″
Early Times – No Turning Back
The Falcon – Unicornography Vinyl Red Scare 1st Press ORANGE Press 500
Filter Short Bus Vinyl 1995 Reprise
Flatfoot 56 – Waves of War
Flyleaf Music as a Weapon CD ep Slipcase Front Artwork
Flyleaf Much Like Falling CD ep
Flyleaf Passerby CD
The Format Dog Problems Vinyl 2006 Vanity 1000
Foundation Foundation Vinyl Rob Huddleston Ann Beretta
Foundation Homecoming Vinyl 7″ Clear,
Further Seems Forever – Moon is Down Vinyl 200 CLEAR 1000 BLACK
Further Seems Forever – Hide Nothing Vinyl GOLD #, BLACK U.S. 1ST Press 2004
Further Seems Forever – Hide Nothing Vinyl Green 500 Beniihana
The Gaslight Anthem – Senor and the Queen Vinyl 2 7″ 100
The Gaslight Anthem – 59 Sound Euro Green
The Gaslight Anthem No Regrets, No Retreats Vinyl 7″ 2008 Live Show EU Import
The Get Up Kids – Love Teller Vinyl 1996 Contrast Records
Greenroom – Starting Over
Green Day 39 Smooth /Smooth Vinyl 1990 Laytonville address Green 800
Green Day – Slappy Vinyl e.p. &” BLUE Vinyl 1990 Lookout Records
Green Day Sweet Children Vinyl 7″ 3rd Press
Green Day Dookie Vinyl Limited Edition Green
Green Day Shenanigans Vinyl Blue
The Impossibles Impossibles CD 1997 FBR OOP
The Impossibles Dynamite Boy Split Vinyl 7″ 1997 Rollo Only God Can Stop Us Now
The Impossibles – Anthology Vinyl 12″ 1999 CD 24 Tracks
The Impossibles Return Vinyl 1999
Kid Dynamite Shorter Faster Louder Vinyl 2000 Jade Tree Black, Green 500
Kings of Leon Youth & Young Manhood Vinyl 2/LP 10″ Hand Me Down
Kings of Leon Holly Roller Novocaine Vinyl Red
Kings of Leon California Waiting CD UK 2004
Kings of Leon The Bucket Part 2 CD Germany 2004
Lifetime Boys No Good Vinyl 7″
Living Sacrifice Tribute Album on Clenched Fist Records 2001
My Chemical Romance Honey This Mirror Isnt Big Enough for the Two of Us Vinyl 7″ 2003
Narcissus And Forthwith Came Out Blood And Water 1999
New Found Glory Shia Halud Vinyl 7″ Split Tour Not Without A Heart Once
Nourished By Sticks And Stones Within Blood…Pure Gold Can Stay BLUE GREEN
No Motiv – No Motiv
Nofx Hofx Vinyl 12″ 1995 Two Tracks Splatter Vinyl 7300 Picture Disc 1000
NOFX 7″ of the Month Club #6 CLEAR
NOFX 22 Songs That Werent Good Enough Vinyl Yellow Marble Limited 220
Paramore Final Riot Deluxe Set Box Set
Passerby Broken Wings CD
Philmore/Brave -Saint Saturn Split 5 Minute Walk Sarabellum
Plow United Plow United Vinyl CD
Plow United Goodnight Sell Out Vinyl CD
Quicksand Dine Alone Vinyl 7″ 1992
Quicksand Quicksand Vinyl CD
Quicksand Slip Vinyl 1993 Polydor
Quicksand Divorce Vinyl 7″ 1994 Black Orange
Quicksand Manic Compression Vinyl 1995 White 300 Black 3000 +
Quicksand Promos
Quit Earlier Thoughts Vinyl, CD ,Cassette, VHS, Anything you have
Relient K The Vinyl Countdown Vinyl 7″ 2003 Red Limited Edition 1500 Pressed
Relient K MMHMM Vinyl 2/LP 2005 Green
7-10 Split – NDEP
Saves The Day Through With Being Cool Vinyl
Say Anything Junior Varsity CD 2001 ep 5 tracks 300 pressed
Say Anything Baseball Album By Sayanything CD 2001 2003
Showbread Life, Kisses, And Other Wasted Efforts Steelroots Records
Sick of Change Demo 2 Tracks 2000
Slick Shoes Slick Shoes Vinyl 7″ Blue (Any other color)
Slick Shoes Rusty Vinyl Black, Clear
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream Vinyl Purple 2/LP Caroline
STR Midd Man Demo CD 1999
STR When Worlds Fail CD e.p. 2001
STR Hopes for Hire CD 2005
Stranger By Day – Don’t Talk T Strangers
Suburban Legends Vinyl e.p. Colored Red/Blue Green We the People 2001
Three For Flinching – Struggle To Recover
Thursday Full Collapse Vinyl Pink
Valley of Visions Valley of Visions S/T CD e.p. 2001
Valley of Visions Torn Roses CD e.p. 2002
Valley of Visions Mutare CD e.p. 2003
Weezer Blue Album Vinyl UK Pressing
Yellowcard – Midget Tossing
V/A – CD Samples, Promos, Advances, Singles, Let know what you have.

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