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The Swellers Ups and Downsizing – New Release

Finally. The Swellers from the Flint, Michigan area have delivered a Punk Rock TKO with their latest release Ups and Downsizing. Released this past September on Fueled By Ramen. To date, The Swellers have released 3 LPs an e.p, and numerous V/A comps.

We’ve been waiting for a while for an album like this. Melodic Punk with tight harmonies, catchy riffs and creative & crisp drumming. Put this all together with excellent production, the band staying true to their punk rock roots, continuous touring for the past few years, building an international fan base there is a new kid in town who can play with the big boys. The Swellers are on their way to Gold…It is just a matter of time. Title track: “Do you ever wonder was it worth it now?”

Ups and Downsizing Raw Punk Energy flows throughout the album, some pop-punk hear, some acoustic there make The Swellers arguably the best band on FBR now. Currently touring with the likes of powerhouse Paramore only emphasizes the impact and versatility of the band. The Swellers are in a league by themselves. Which in the Myspace and mp3 world we live in difficult to be unique. Ups and Downsizing is unique. It’s new. It’s not boring. It just delivers. You are able to hear a blend of bands like Rise Against, Less Than Jake, No Motiv, New Found Glory, The Stereo and Broadway Calls.

Ups and Downsizing clearly shows us one thing…That patience, hard work, dedication, talent and believing in what you do, many times pays off.

There are a few albums we recommend obtaining for the year of 2009. Ups and Downsizing is one of them…put it at the top.


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